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FSS National Tournament


JUNE 28th - JULY 24th

LAKE CHARLES/Southwest Louisiana
McMurry Park - McNeese State
Barbe HS - Westlake HS 

Sam Houston HS

2023 GRADS
JUNE 28 - JULY 3

2024 GRADS
JUlY 5 - JULY 10

2025 GRADS
JULY 19 - JULY 24

2026 GRADS
JULY 13 - JULY 17


NOTE: Please read below for information regarding Hotel Requirements, Roster Collection, Schedule, and Disclaimers. 

 A. Stay to Play Requirements: 

Working in conjunction with the Lake Charles Visitors Bureau, we have secured hotels throughout the city. Rates may vary by hotel choice. We have worked with the Lake Charles Visitors Bureau (CVB) to ensure hotels across the city with competitive rates to fit various budgets from economy hotels to resort-style hotels. The minimum required rooms for the week are 60 room nights per team. The room requirement comprises all players, coaches, and family members associated with the team. You may select more rooms in advance if desired. A link will be provided to coaches for each team’s hotel accommodations and can be forwarded to parents to complete their hotel reservations. Please note, there will be a limited timeframe to complete the hotel reservations. Failure to complete a hotel reservation as a part of this stay to play event will result in a cancellation of the team’s registration at that time and the deposit will not be refunded. Our goal is to be sure all groups and families have a seamless registration process, so please be diligent about your timeframes. Almost every hotel has a cancellation process with lead times and emergencies. There will be a $500 deposit for hotels. The deposit will be added to the second installment and refunded in August if the hotel requirements are fulfilled.

Teams must strictly follow hotel reservation timelines. Once registration has been opened for 2021, we will provide you the timeframes for hotel reservations.

 B. Note on Rosters: 

The Roster Deadline is May 31st for all events and rosters must be completed on SportThread. No other forms of collection are acceptable.

C. Note on Schedule:

The schedule will be out 2 weeks ahead of the event. We will alert you when this has been posted. 

D. Refund Disclaimer:

There will be no refunds provided if a team cancels their registration within 3 months of the start of the event for any reason (not enough players to field a team, decide not to play in the event, etc.).

If a refund is warranted, it will be at the discretion of PROGRAM 15-Future Stars Series Staff. Additionally, if the stay to play rules are not followed confirmed registration status and fees will be held. If hotel requirements are not satisfied a hotel deposit will not be refunded.

E. Weather Disclaimer: 

If the event is cancelled due to weather or act of God within 1 week of the start of the event, an 80% refund will be processed. If the event is cancelled due to weather or act of God outside 1 week, a 90% refund will be processed. Once the event begins, no refunds will be processed. 



Baseballs - Each team will receive 1 Dozen Baseballs for the weekend. After the dozen has been exhausted then each team will supply 2 new game balls per game. Stay on your team to get your foul balls.

Bats - Wood Bat Only.

Footwear - No metal cleats are allowed on turf fields.

Age/Grad Class
Players are allowed in the following groups:
2023 - Players in grad class 2023 or 17u
2024 - Players in grad class 2024 or 16u
2025 - Players in grad class 2025 or 15u
2026 - Players in grad class 2026 or 14u

Run Rule 

15 runs after 4
10 runs after 5

Home/Away - Coin flips for the home team prior to each Pool game. High seed will be home in all bracket play games.

Lineups - DH and One EH will be allowed (EH will be treated as a position when dealing with substitution) this is NOT a FREE SUB tournament.
*Each team must submit a lineup to the field manager.

Pitch Limit - No official pitching rules are enforced, however, it is recommended to abide by the MLB Pitch Smart Guidelines.

Time Limit -2hr 15 - Finish the inning in all games except Championship.
Ties will be allowed in Pool Play if time limit has been reached- Tie Breaker will be used in all bracket play games.
Bases loaded with 1 out to start the inning for each team. This will continue until a winner is determined. Starting from the last out that was made: Last hitter at 1B, 2nd last hitter at 2B, and 3rd last hitter at 3B.

Bracket seeding is determined by: Pool Place, Overall Record, Head to Head, Runs Allowed, Runs Scored.

High Seed will be Home team - 8 teams will qualify for Championship bracket play games consisting of single elimination play.

Consolation Games
As part of the event and to ensure everyone receives the 5 game guarantee (weather permitting) we offer the teams a consultation game starting immediately at the conclusion of pool play. While in many other events these games are viewed as meaningless, this event is different. We are more about the evaluation and scouting process than who wins or loses. The consolation games are given the same attention as any other game. Oftentimes a team will still have some pitching that needs to throw and be seen. We ask that you take these games seriously and do not leave the event early.

Scouting Reports
Not every player that attends receives a report. This is simply logistically not possible. Players that will be invited to the next round of events or that our scouts feel could advance to a high level of baseball will be written up in our system.

All communication will be sent to head coaches via e-mail and posted on Twitter.
If you hear an air horn you are to clear the field immediately as that means lightning is in the area. Once the air horn goes off play cannot resume for 30 mins from the last detection. The field director will give the all clear and players will be given ample time to return to play.
If games are cancelled due to weather those games may or may not be rescheduled for a different time.

Ejections - at the discretion of the tournament director and the nature of the ejection a suspension may be enforced up to removal from the tournament.

As every game is recorded and broadcast that means there are live microphones all over the ballpark. Please be mindful and remind your families that many things can be overheard. We will not tolerate disrespectful behavior at our events.

Our goal is for players to play and any decision made by the staff is to put the players first. This is not about how many and how fast we can get games in. This is about what is right for players to get exposure and be scouted.

 Future Stars Series Crowns a 
From Each Age Group

Elite players identified by PROGRAM 15’s National Staff of former Major League Players, Coaches and Scouts will be invited to participate in one of the New Balance Future Stars Series Signature Events. 

FSS Fresh 50


All Future Stars Series Events include True Major League Scouting Evaluations, Developmental Feedback and plan to assist individual long-term growth from scouts who have signed Major League players.  

PROGRAM 15 Scouting Staff create Individual Scouting Reports on select players which are made available to college and pro scouts across the country as well as the respective player through a stored profile on the PROGRAM 15 Proprietary Scouting Database.

Elite players identified by PROGRAM 15’s National Staff of former Major League Players, Coaches and Scouts will be invited to compete at The Future Stars Series Main Event at Fenway Park.


(Class of 2026)

  • Day 1:  Full testing including on field batting practice, full infield, and athletic testing.
  • Day 2:  Development day with the National Coordinators 
  • Day 3-6:  Games/Playoffs - 3 game minimum 

 (Classes of 2023-2024-2025)

  • Day 1:  Full testing including on field batting practice, full infield, and athletic testing
  • Day 2-6:  Games/Playoffs - 4 game minimum  
    Program 15

    The New Balance Baseball Future Stars Series is executed by PROGRAM 15, the premiere baseball player development and training system, and their National Staff of Major League Veteran players, scouts, coaches, and executives.

    Through joint ventures and sponsorships, the Future Stars Series has built solid relationships with several undisputed global brand leaders in amateur and Major League Baseball.


    Mike Ashmore - Lead Writer for New Balance Future Stars Series

    Onsite Event News, Player Profiles and Partner Interviews covered by our highly regarded sports writer and photographer with fifteen years experience covering professional sports ranging from the Stanley Cup Final, World Series, Daytona 500, NFL and UFC.


    - Keith Law 

    "PROGRAM 15 has assembled an enviable staff of longtime industry veterans who bring their experience, scouting acumen, and development expertise to all of their events. They get the right players on the field and they work to help those players improve.”

    - Marc Tramuta
    NY Mets Scouting Director

    "The evaluation staff at the PROGRAM 15 has had their credibility tested daily throughout Major League Baseball. Reading their reports and discussing the players with them directly leaves little doubt as to what you’ll be seeing. It’s easy to look forward to the Future Stars Series Events and the players in them.”

    New Balance Baseball Future Stars Series Finds New Home

    Visit Lake Charles (VLC) is pleased to announce that New Balance Future Stars Series National Championships, one of the most prestigious high school showcase baseball tournaments in the United States, will call Southwest Louisiana home for the next four years.

    Today in downtown Lake Charles, President/CEO of VLC, Kyle Edmiston, and CEO/President of Baseball Operations for NBFSS, Jeremy Booth, told a standing room only crowd of the new partnership.

    The first National Championship event will be held in the summer of 2020, taking place over a 4-week period beginning June 30. The total room count in excess of 10,000 room nights and annual estimated economic impact of over $7.5 million, makes the National Championship tournaments the largest single sporting event in the history of Southwest Louisiana, followed only by the 2020 U.S. Olympic Trials for Boxing and USA Boxing National Championships coming to the Lake Area this December.

    “This baseball event will bring people from all over the country to Southwest Louisiana, and it is a stay-to-play tournament, meaning that the event is guaranteed to fill hotel rooms and provide a significant boost to the local economy. We could not begin to bring business like this to the Lake Area without strong partnerships and the outpouring of support from local agencies, businesses, the hospitality community, volunteers and the incredible fanbase right here in Calcasieu Parish,” said Eric Zartler, sales director for VLC.

    “The City of Lake Charles is proud to welcome teams from across the United States to Southwest Louisiana where they will make lasting memories and friendships on-and-off the field as they strive to become champions. This history-making announcement highlights that the Lake Area is moving in a positive direction with energy and growth from a variety of avenues. We are delighted that the Visit Lake Charles team has worked diligently to secure this substantial piece of sports business, and we are looking forward to see the games begin in the summer of 2020,” said Mayor Nic Hunter of Lake Charles.

    Teams that are expected to participate from around the country include the Orlando Scorpions, Arkansas Sticks, Dirtbags Baseball, Ontario Blue Jays, Next Level Baseball, US Elite, Team Dinger, NorCal Baseball, Trombly Baseball and from inside the state are the Louisiana Knights and Team Louisiana.

    The event has been hosted in Houston for the past three years and Visit Lake Charles outdueled Las Vegas and Nashville for the right to host over the next four years. The Class of 2021 will play July 7 – 12, the Class of 2022 will be July 21 – 26, the Class of 2023 will be July 14 – 19 and the Class of 2024 will kick off the event on June 30 – July 5.

    The National Championship will utilize 3 fields at McMurry Park, and also the fields at Barbe High School, Sam Houston High School, Legion Field and the Joe Miller Ballpark on the campus of McNeese State University. With some of the top talent in the country on display, college coaches and professional scouts from around the country will be in Southwest Louisiana to see these young men perform.

    Some of the participants from the National Championship events will be invited to play in the Future Stars Series International Week event that will be held in the fall of 2020 at Fenway Park in Boston pitting the best young players from the United States against a team of the best young players from around the world.

    “We couldn’t be more excited to bring the NBFSS National Tournament to Southwest Louisiana and Lake Charles. I’ve had the privilege of building some great relationships in this area over the years. I signed my first big leaguer in Lake Charles, Josh Prince. From Coach Cecchini and the entire Barbe Program, Chad Hebert at Sam Houston High School, and the staff at McNeese State, this community has always treated me like family. MLB veteran and P15 Co-Catching Coordinator Danny Ardoin is here in Lake Charles. Danny, along with the 2D sports family, is extremely close to P15. I cannot wait to bring the Future Stars Series to this region. I know this will be a unique experience for the NBFSS National Tournament and a great opportunity to share in the culture of this great community,” said Jeremy Booth, Program 15 founder and CEO/President of Baseball Operations for NBFSS.

    “The entire team at Visit Lake Charles is pleased to be the host for this world class baseball event in the Youth Sports Capital of Louisiana. We invite all team members, family, friends and the community to enjoy the excitement of the games at our sports facilities along with the attractions, food, culture and the great outdoors that Southwest Louisiana has to offer,” said Kyle Edmiston, President/CEO of Visit Lake Charles. “I also want to encourage the community from around Southwest LA to come out to watch these young men play. I guarantee that several of the participants will be playing major league baseball in the not too distant future.”


    The New Balance Future Stars Series is not just about discovering and developing the MLB Heroes of tomorrow; it's about discovering and developing the leaders of tomorrow by creating real opportunities where they don't exist today: opportunities for education, opportunities to give back to their community ...opportunities for a future. We are incredibly grateful that you are part of this chapter in our mission to CHANGE THE GAME!

    The Future Stars Series Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable and philanthropic arm of The Future Stars Series, created to strengthen our ongoing commitment to provide amateur players across all economic levels an opportunity to reach their full potential through the training, development, and guidance of former MLB players, scouts, and coaches.

    Visit to learn more and make a donation.

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