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2018 INTERNATIONAL WEEK: Kyren Paris Looks Forward To Facing International Competition

August 30, 2018

Leave it to a player with the last name of Paris to be the most excited about the “International” in International Week. But, when 16-year-old shortstop Kyren Paris caught up with in advance of the second annual event, facing some competition from outside the United States was what seems to have him most excited. […]

2018 INTERNATIONAL WEEK: Glenallen Hill, Jr. Excited For Opportunity In Arizona

August 29, 2018

Glenallen Hill’s name is one you likely know. Glenallen Hill, Jr’s is one you will soon. The Arizona State commit, and son of the long-time former major-leaguer, is making a name for himself as a standout with Program 15/New Balance Baseball Future Stars Series partner program NorCal Baseball.  He emerged as the No. 2 prospect […]

Houston Athletics’ Rome Shubert Making Most Of Second Chance

July 27, 2018

Mike Shubert would have preferred not to know just how close he was to losing his son. May 18, 2018. The Santa Fe High School shooting. Ten people — eight students, two teachers — were killed. 13 were injured. 16-year-old Rome Shubert, who starred for the Houston Athletics at the 2020 Grad Class Tournament both […]

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