Future Stars Series announces more details for new affiliate program

December 1, 2023

On the heels of the game-changing announcement of the alliance between the New Balance Baseball Future Stars Series and Sports Academy, additional details have been confirmed regarding the new affiliate program.

“I’m excited to get to work year round with these guys,” said Future Stars Series president and CEO, Jeremy Booth.

“The direct access to information is a key in what we can do for and with players. The entire process of role building is one that must be continuous and this allows for full collaboration that is unparalleled anywhere in the game.”

That collaboration, which extends to Sports Academy’s travel teams across the country that will now become affiliates of the Future Stars Series, has now seen the first group of affiliate locations been announced.

Those initial Sports Academy affiliate locations include Orlando, Bradenton, Los Angeles, Thousand Oaks, Virginia and Alabama with more on the way. Additionally, there will be locations on the Future Stars Series side of the arrangement as well, with Houston being overseen by Jared Wells, San Antonio having Tim Grant and Joe Orloski handling that location and long-time FSS instructor James Lofton on-hand in Phoenix.

These affiliated teams and players will receive evaluation and hands-on player development from FSS scouts and staff several times a year. The arrangement also includes participation in Future Stars Series events and access to FSS tech partners like Stack Sports, Pelotero, and Athletes Go Live for a well-rounded development experience.

Ultimately, the expectation is that approximately 100 teams will end up as part of the affiliation agreement, one which will provide teams with a faster pass into events, access to the industry-leading Future Stars Series development staff as well as full sports science and scouting collaboration for role building and forecasting.

In recent weeks and months, the Future Stars Series and Sports Academy have worked together to identify true FSS partner organizations, like Team Louisiana, NorCal, Trombly, Dallas Patriots, GBSA, Game Prep, Dirtbags, Sandlot, STX Banditos, GPS among others, which excel in player exposure and development programs and are now part of the FSS family. While the FSS Partner Program continues, there will be a strong emphasis on adhering to the event participation criteria for both teams and individual players in the newly formed circuit.

Each participating organization will have a Scout Day, and the player development staff will be hands on with affiliate programs, roving three times per year to further evaluate and assist with the process.

“We’ve established these relationships as we head into our eighth year, and believe that this initiative makes that stronger than ever,” Booth said. “The response to this has been overwhelming, and we’re all very excited to do our best to lead by example when it comes to furthering the development of these players with our affiliates and partner programs.”

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