JUNE 30th - JULY 26th

LAKE CHARLES/Southwest Louisiana
McMurry Park - McNeese State
Barbe HS - Legion Field

2021 GRADS
JULY 7 - JULY 12


2022 GRADS
JULY 21 - JULY 26


2023 GRADS
JULY 14 - JULY 19


2024 GRADS
JUNE 30 - JULY 5


NOTE: Please read below for information regarding Hotel Requirements, Roster Collection, Schedule, and Disclaimers. 

 A. Stay to Play Requirements: 

Working in conjunction with the Lake Charles Visitors Bureau, we have secured a room rate of $119.00 (+ taxes and fees) per room, per night. Minimum required rooms for the week are 60 room nights per team. The room requirement is a total of all players, coaches, and family members associated with the team. You may select more rooms in advance if desired. A credit card will be held on file as a part of the hotel reservation process. However, all rooms may be paid upon arrival by the parent, coach, or organization.

 Important! Hotel Reservation Process: 

1. Complete Hotel Reservation Link ASAP:  CLICK HERE TO RESERVE HOTEL

2. The coach / organizer will receive an email from Visit Lake Charles. This email will connect the organizer to the hotel for final steps and confirmation of rooms. The hotel will reach out to the organizer, but you are provided the contact information for the hotel in this email as well. (Be sure to check your spam or junk folder if you have not received this communication within 48 hours of your submission) 

3. Complete the hotel reservation with the hotel contact provided to you in the email. 

4. Teams should use Monday following the event as the travel out day.  

5. For issues or concerns that cannot be solved with contact provided during this process, you may send an email to info@program15.com 

 B. Note on Rosters: 

We will be in contact as we get closer to the tournament about submitting rosters. A roster code and a roster link will be provided to you for each of your players to fill out. Once filled out, they are added to your roster online for all college coaches and pro scouts to view. 

C. Note on Schedule:

The schedule will be posted 3 weeks in advance of the start of the Tourney. We will alert you when this has been posted. 

D. Refund Disclaimer:

 There will be no refunds provided if a team cancels their registration within 3 months of the start of the event for any reason (e.g. not enough players to field a team, decide not to play in the event, etc.). If a refund is warranted, it will be at the discretion of Program15-Future Stars Series Staff 

E. Weather Disclaimer: 

If the event is cancelled due to weather or act of God within 1 week of the start of the event, an 80% refund will be processed. If the event is cancelled due to weather or act of God outside 1 week, a 90% refund will be processed. Once the event begins, no refunds will be processed. 



Each team will receive 1 Dozen Baseballs for the weekend. Please pick up your Baseballs from the Gate at your 1st Game. 


Wood Bat Only

NFHS rules

Run Rule-10 run rule after 5 innings

Time Limit-7 innings (no new inning after 2:15) (no drop dead)

Home/Away- Coin flips for home team prior to each Pool game. High seed will be home in all bracket play games

Lineups- DH and One EH will be allowed (EH will be treated as a position when dealing with substitution) this is NOT a FREE SUB tournament.

*Each team must submit a lineup to the plate Umpire

Pitch Limits- We will follow the MLB Pitch Smart guidelines (each team will be responsible for completing and signing a Pitch Count sheet for every game on your pitching staff (Pitch count sheets will be provided to you at your 1st game)

Time Limits- Ties will be allowed in Pool Play- Tie Breaker will be used in all bracket play games

If time limit has been reached and the game is tied we will use the following format:

Bases loaded with 1 out to start the inning for each team. This will continue until a winner is determined. Starting from the last out that was made: Last hitter at 1B, 2nd last hitter at 2B, and 3rd last hitter at 3B.


Each 2021/2022/2023 team will have 4 pool play games

Each 2024 team will have 3 pool play games

Pool seeding is determined by:

Pool Place, Overall Record, Head to Head, Runs Allowed, Runs Scored


8 teams will qualify for Championship bracket play games consisting of single elimination play.

Bracket play will have the same time limit rules (2:15 with International tie breaker)

High seed will be home in all bracket play games


All teams that did not qualify for bracket play will receive one consolation game

Consolation games will have the same time limit rules (2:15 with International tie breaker)

Coin flips for home team prior to each consolation game.


Gate- Admission-$8/day- 10& under Free

TOURNAMENT PASSES- $35/5day pass- $30/4day pass

  • NO REFUNDS ON GATE ADMISSION-day passes valid for all games at all sites for a single day
  • ENTRY BANDS MUST BE WORN ON WRIST-wrist bands not worn on wrist are considered void

Communication with Teams:

Meeting day 1 info and what they get in their packet:

Once we release schedules and teams know when and where their first game is.  They will pick up their game balls as well as their event packet from the gate at the complex they are playing their first game.  The event packet will simply include their pitch count sheets for the weekend along with an extra copy of the tournament rules and any other information we may want to throw in there for them.

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