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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I be notified about Program15 / New Balance Future Stars Series events in my area?

CLICK HERE to provide us with your contact information. We will add you to our email mailing service. Also, be sure to check out the Program15 (www.program15.com) and Future Stars Series (www.futurestarsseries.com) websites for more information about upcoming events and more!

What’s the difference between Program15 and the New Balance Future Stars Series? What do they offer to players?

Program15 is an evaluation and development company created by Jeremy Booth (18 years’ experience in professional baseball) and is comprised of former MLB scouts, Executives, and former professional players. Program15 creates an elite development program that begins with the scouting evaluation and then builds a player into their future role. It was founded upon the premise of “Changing the Game,” with a goal of helping players’ achieve their highest potential.

  • Training Centers – Make your physical location a Program15 Training Center
  • Prospect Wire – Program15 has teamed up to work with Prospect Wire events. Program15 provides scouting/development to these events. These events can also lead into playing for the New Balance Future Stars Series events
  • Online Database – this online tool houses information and provides players with opportunities to continue development. For a player it includes bio information, testing information, scouting/development reports, etc. It also provides players to continue their development online with mental skills videos, video analysis, and the ability to purchase from Program15 partner vendors (New Balance, All-Star, Diamond Kinetics, Franklin, etc.). There are different options for this in the form of one-time purchases and monthly subscriptions.

The New Balance Future Stars Series are the events which run under Program15. It is the global grassroots identifying program of New Balance Baseball.

  • Events run throughout the year that consist of combines (scouting/development events that test and evaluate players while being a part of their continuous development) and tournaments (these include Regional/Super Regional/National/International Series) – players can be selected from combines and tournaments to compete in other New Balance Future Stars Series Tournaments and other partner events

How long does a Future Stars Series Combine run? What is the format?

A combine is held as a one-day event and typically runs from 8am until 4:30pm – *sometimes will run to 5:00 pm depending on the number of pitchers that need to throw

8am Player Check in/Registration
8:20am-8:30am Introduction – Jeremy Booth (Staff introductions and what to expect)
8:35am-9am Active Stretch
9:05am-10:30am Metrics
Part I: 40yd, 60yd, Pro Agility (R/L), Med Ball Toss (R/L), Broad Jump – ALL PLAYERS (including pitcher only)
Players warm up to throw in after Part I Testing
Part II: OF throws from RF, INF throws from SS, 1B throws, C throws – every player – If you are a multi-position player, start with OF>INF>1B>C
10:40am-12:10pm Batting Practice – Players will receive grouping day of the event/Hitting Development
12:15pm-12:45pm Lunch – players are required to supply their own lunch
12:45pm-12:55pm Active Stretch
1pm-2:40pm Development – INF / OF / C / Pitcher work
2:50pm-4:30pm Simulated Game *Subject to change due to amount of pitchers who need to throw
4:30pm Wrap Up

Is lunch provided at any event?

No. Players are required to provide their own lunch. We will break for lunch around 12:30pm-1pm.

Are parents required to stay for the entire event?

Parents are welcome to stay, but they are not required to remain at the event.

When do players receive feedback from an event?

Typically within 2 weeks after the event players will be notified via email when the online scouting report is available. The report includes testing metrics (40yd, 60yd, Med Ball toss, Broad Jump, Pro Agility), position, and game evaluation. Please note that the online database will eventually go to a monthly paid subscription.

Do college coaches attend the events?

College coaches often attend, however, there is no guarantee that college coaches will be present at an event. All reports are accessible to college coaches/scouts online.

How does one qualify for the International Series?

Players are selected from attending sanctioned Program 15/New Balance Future Stars Series events, or from a certified “Partner Program.”

What defines a 'Partner Program'?

  • All partner programs are development-first programs
  • Being invited as a Partner Program means you have quality players looking for the opportunity to play at the next level, whether professionally or collegiately.
  • Partner Programs commit to getting their players in front of people that can further evaluate, develop, and promote them.
  • Partner Programs are ready to take the next step, and join top programs across the country that have the same vision: Evaluate. Develop. Compete. Result = Exposure.

What are the benefits of participating in an event? What are the advantages of being invited as a New Balance Future Stars Partner Program?

  • Truthful Evaluation from Pro Scouts that have signed MLB players
  • Player Projection
  • Ongoing Feedback and Updated Evaluations for players
  • Coaches get feedback and can reference highly trained scouts on the development of each player

How does my organization become a partner program of Program15 and the New Balance Baseball Future Stars Series?

If you are interested in becoming a Partner Program, please CLICK HERE and provide your information and someone will contact you