Class of 2026 National Championship

DATE: 07/13/2022 -07/17/2022

LOCATION: McNeese State University

ADDRESS: 4205 Ryan St. - Lake Charles, LA



Event DetailsTournament Rules

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Baseballs - Each team will receive 1 Dozen Baseballs for the tournament. After the dozen has been exhausted then each team will supply 2 new game balls per game.  Stay on your team to get your foul balls.

Bats - Wood Bat Only

Footwear - No metal cleats are allowed on turf fields

Age/Grad Class - Players are allowed in the following groups:
2023 - Players in grad class 2023 or 17u
2024 - Players in grad class 2024 or 16u
2025 - Players in grad class 2025 or 15u
2026 - Players in grad class 2026 or 14u

Run Rule - 15 runs after 4 innings / 10 runs after 5 innings

Home/Away - Coin flips for the home team prior to each Pool game. High seed will be home in all bracket play games.

Lineups - DH and One EH will be allowed (EH will be treated as a position when dealing with substitution) this is NOT a FREE SUB tournament.  *Each team must submit a lineup to the field manager.

Pitch Limits - No official pitching rules are enforced, however, it is recommended to abide by the MLB Pitch Smart Guidelines.

Mound Visits - One (1) free visit per inning.  The pitcher must be removed on the second visit.

Time Limit - 2hr 15 - Finish the inning in all games except Championship (no time limit) or changed due to weather. Ties will be allowed in Pool Play if tied and the time limit has been reached.

Tie Breaker - Will be used in all bracket play games if the score is tied after 7 innings.  The tiebreaker will be used in pool play only if the score is tied after 7 innings AND time remains in the game.

Runner on 2B with 1 out to start the inning for each team. This will continue until a winner is determined. Starting from the last out that was made: The last hitter at 2B.

Seeding - Bracket seeding is determined by: Pool Place, Overall Record, Head to Head, Runs Allowed, Runs Scored, Run Diff and if still tied rock, paper, scissors.

Championship Bracket Games - High Seed will be Home team
8 teams will qualify for Championship bracket play games consisting of single-elimination play. Pool winners and remaining wild cards from all pools.

Consolation Games - As part of the event and to ensure everyone receives the 5-game guarantee (weather permitting) we offer the teams a consultation game starting immediately at the conclusion of pool play. While in many other events these games are viewed as meaningless, this event is different. We are more about the evaluation and scouting process than who wins or loses. The consolation games are given the same attention as any other game. Oftentimes a team will still have some pitching that needs to throw and be seen. We ask that you take these games seriously and do not leave the event early.

Scouting Reports - Not every player that attends receives a report.  This is simply logistically not possible.  Players that will be invited to the next round of events or that our scouts feel could advance to a high level of baseball will be written up in our system.

Tournament Communication & Weather - All communication will be sent to head coaches via e-mail and posted on Twitter (when possible).

If you hear an air horn you are to clear the field immediately as that means lightning is in the area.  Once the air horn goes off play can not resume for 30 mins from the last detection.  The field director will give the all-clear and players will be given ample time to return to play.

If games are canceled due to weather those games may or may not be rescheduled for a different time.

Conduct - Ejections - at the discretion of the tournament director and the nature of the ejection a suspension may be enforced up to removal from the tournament.

As every game is recorded and broadcast that means there are live microphones all over the ballpark.  Please be mindful and remind your families that many things can be overheard.  We will not tolerate disrespectful behavior at our events.

Our goal is for players to play and any decision made by the staff is to put the players first.  This is not about how many and how fast we can get games in.  This is about what is right for players to get exposure and be scouted.

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