NBFSS National Combine

DATE: 07/19/2021 -07/22/2021

LOCATION: Lake Charles Multi Sports Complex

ADDRESS: 3200 Power Centre Pkwy. - Lake Charles, LA

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AGE GROUP(S) - 16U, 17U
Invitation Only Nominate A Player watch live


The World Combine is an event that features prospects from around the globe. Countries with players participating include Mexico, The Dominican Republic, The Bahamas, Colombia, Australia, Curacao, Japan, Korea, Panama, Puerto Rico, and Canada. Players are selected for participation through identification events in their home countries. The world combine is held in Lake Charles, LA, and 50 players are selected from this event to participate in the Caribbean Classic in Carolina, PR.

The event consists of 3 game days and one evaluation, and a workout day. Evaluation includes athletic testing, vision testing with Senaptec, a psychological test, and nutrition counseling. Analytical data is captured via Scoutcast and Blast, ranging from exit velocities and spike rates to pitch FX data, spray charts, and live-action athletic assessments from Pitch AI.