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Jeremy Booth is the Founder and CEO of PROGRAM 15 and the President of Baseball Operations for The New Balance Baseball Future Stars Series as well as a Baseball Analyst for CBS TV KHOU 11 in Houston and the Co-Host of the Extra Bases Podcast.

Jeremy’s reputation for being able to recognize and uncover player potential is built on a diverse 18-year professional baseball career as a player, coach, and talent evaluator.

As a scout, Jeremy has consulted in the player development and scouting departments for Major League organizations, including the Minnesota Twins, the Milwaukee Brewers, and the Seattle Mariners, where he signed players who went on to claim major exposure and professional success.

With a passion and drive that earned him the respect of the amateur baseball player evaluation and development world, Jeremy left professional baseball in 2016 to create PROGRAM 15, an organization dedicated to his vision for providing amateur players across all economic levels an opportunity to reach their full potential through the training, development, and guidance of former MLB players, scouts, and coaches.


Booth attributes his ability to evaluate and develop players to their full potential to his diverse career as a professional player, hitting coach, scout, and cross-checker for Major League organizations. This experience also led him to develop the PROGRAM 15 Combine Athletic Testing System for identifying amateur players that often slip through the cracks of the traditional amateur baseball showcase process.

Booth explains, ”I was fortunate to get a view that most people involved in this game just don’t have the opportunity to see. I got to witness the evolution of success for a lot of players, which gave me a unique perspective that changed the way I look at amateur players and their potential. I discovered two very important things.

First, there are a handful of very key variables that have a huge impact on a player’s future in this game that weren't being measured or even addressed in most player development processes.

Second, many of the theories, data points, and evaluation methods being used as blindly accepted predictors of baseball talent are flat out wrong.

I’ve watched too many players and their families pay a ton of money to have their hopes and expectations mismanaged. While it’s easy to put the blame on ‘Trophy Mills,’ I think this occurs more often due to misinformation and evaluation errors than intentional deception. It’s generally good people giving bad advice.

But what’s more troubling to me, and to the future of baseball, is the amount of raw talent that has gone unnoticed. Not just because of financial obstacles. I’ve seen players with tremendous potential neglected or completely ignored in the shadows of guys who happen to fit the current, and in my opinion, often flawed evaluation and prediction methods. Collectively, it’s a player evaluation and development failure, and I knew the whole process could be and should be better."

Recognizing a kindred alignment with Booth’s mission, New Balance Baseball formed a joint initiative with PROGRAM 15 to elevate the game of baseball by reaching as many undiscovered players as possible and The Future Stars Series was born.


Changing The
Game of Baseball

Led by PROGRAM 15’s staff of Major League All-Stars and World Series Veterans, the grassroots effort quickly grabbed the attention of over 100 of the most respected organizations in amateur baseball who have come on board as PROGRAM 15 Regional Directors and Partners.

Future Stars Series Scouting and Evaluation events have built a reputation as the most comprehensive amateur baseball player identification and development experiences available. Every player who goes through PROGRAM 15’s Combine Athletic Testing System receives a full scouting report, developmental feedback, and a plan to assist in their long-term growth from scouts who have signed Major League players.

Backed by decades of Pro Baseball Scouting experience, Booth has assembled a skilled scouting staff that provides in-depth and credible evaluations that are trusted by Major League scouts and college coaches across the country.

Booth recognizes the staggering odds for an amateur player to reach the Major Leagues, but his commitment is to provide every player in the program with the opportunity to grow and reach a level of achievement matching their highest potential. While that may not be enough to secure an MLB contract, it can translate into playing baseball at the high school level as well as the opportunity to earn scholarships from Junior College to Division 1 University Baseball programs, something that has been out of reach for many of these young men until now.

Future Stars Series is not just about discovering and developing the MLB Heroes of tomorrow; it’s about discovering and developing the leaders of tomorrow by creating real opportunities where they don’t exist today: opportunities for an education, opportunities for a future.