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Message From The CEO

2020 Draft Eligible players,
As we get closer to the draft, I wanted to send you an update regarding the PreDraft combines. We are all living in unprecedented times as this pandemic has changed things that many of us have operated within for our entire lives. We set out to hold these events for the pure focus of helping you make up lost time that was taken from you at no fault of your own. We hoped for a clear health environment, the scouting ban to be lifted on MLB club personnel, a draft that would be held a few weeks later than originally scheduled, and a longer selection process. Unfortunately, none of these things happened.

In many states, the coast isn’t clear enough yet to hold these events and put players on the same field. While we are getting better and are only a few weeks away from levels of clearance that make sense, the draft date of June 10 doesn’t allow for the stages of return set by the CDC to be fully satisfied. The travel ban on MLB personnel is still in place, and they are unable to attend. Lastly, the draft is now 5 rounds and cuts the available selections by over 90 percent. As such, it just doesn’t make sense on any level to hold these events. Had we been given a few more weeks, then this is a different message. However, we must work within the circumstances we find ourselves in. Accordingly, the PreDraft combines are unable to be held.

For me, the takeaway is this. If you want something bad enough, find a way. Playing baseball as a professional is the best job in the world. Anyone who has ever been a part of it for 5 minutes will tell you the same. For those who have done it, watching others succeed in their goals in the game is gratifying because they are the future of baseball. Stay hungry. Don’t lose the passion. Continue to work hard. Share and upload your data where possible. Don’t let this situation deter or disappoint you. Continue to find a way. Above all, continue to be the ambassadors for the game you are becoming. Others are watching and, as the future of baseball, you set the tone for who comes behind you.

We wish you all the best in 2020 and beyond.

Jeremy Booth
CEO, President of Baseball Operations
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