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Regional PRO Combine Schedule

New Balance Future Stars Series (NBFSS) INVITE ONLY REGIONAL PRO COMBINE events are by Invitation ONLY!
Combine Event TitleDateLocationRegistration
CINCINNATI - NBFSS COMBINE02/08/2020 Cincinnati, OH
PHILADELPHIA - NBFSS COMBINE02/15/2020 Philadelphia, PA
British Columbia - NBFSS COMBINE02/16/2020 Vancouver, British Columbia
KANSAS CITY - NBFSS COMBINE02/22/2020 Kansas City, MO
BOSTON - NBFSS COMBINE03/07/2020 Boston, MA
World Combine - NBFSS COMBINE03/18/2020 - 03/22/2020Bradenton, Florida
NEW ORLEANS - NBFSS COMBINE05/23/2020 New Orleans, LA
ORLANDO - NBFSS COMBINE05/31/2020 Orlando, FL
Combine Event TitleDateLocationRegistration

‘Open ID’ Camp

Open to players from the 2021, 2022, 2023, & 2024 graduating classes!
  • Players will test their athletic ability and fitness levels using MLB-style drills and precision measurement and training equipment during a comprehensive 2 hour evaluation.
  • Top players are selected to advance and compete in our “INVITE ONLY” Regional Pro Combine (Same Day) which includes games & an additional comprehensive evaluation.
  • Regional combines are designed to identify players with the talent and goal of advancing to the NBFSS National Combine (Top players across the US), and ultimately the NBFSS International Week (Top Players across the World).

In addition to testing and measuring their athletic ability, all participants will receive a free recruiting profile on NCSAsports.org. An NCSA recruiting profile enables players to be searched for and discovered by more than 5,000 college baseball coaches in the NCSA network. Athletes will have free access to the NCSA extensive library of NCAA-compliant recruiting information and advice to help them on their best path to college.


Combine Event TitleDateLocationCustom Content
CINCINNATI - OPEN ID02/08/2020 Cincinnati, OH
PHILADELPHIA - OPEN ID02/15/2020 Philadelphia, PA
KANSAS CITY - OPEN ID02/22/2020 Kansas City, MO
BOSTON - OPEN ID03/07/2020 Boston, MA
NEW ORLEANS - OPEN ID05/23/2020 New Orleans, LA
ORLANDO - OPEN ID05/31/2020 Orlando, FL
NORTH TEXAS - OPEN ID06/03/2020 Dallas, TX
Combine Event TitleDateLocationCustom Content