2021 MLB Draft: Anthony Solometo, 37th Overall, Pittsburgh Pirates

July 12, 2021

(Video posts linked below.)

With the first pick of the second day of the draft, the Pittsburgh Pirates took the best available player.

This year, that was unquestionably Anthony Solometo, who went 37th overall to the Pirates in this year’s installment of the annual event, leading off the second round.

Solometo first appeared at a New Balance Baseball Future Stars Series powered by Program 15 event at the 2019 National Tournaments, which were still being held in Cypress, Texas at the time, as a member of Zoom Baseball in the 2020 Grad Class Tournament.

From there, Solometo turned in one of the most impressive individual performances in the history of the prestigious International Week/Main Event, recording all nine of his outs via the strikeout in three innings of work at Fenway Park.

“Anthony Solometo; velocity, deception, plus-breaking ball, power changeup, strike-thrower,” said Jeremy Booth, CEO and president of the Future Stars Series. “The question is always going to be how much command he’s going to have, but he’s got some of the best stuff in the draft — right or left-handed — and being left-handed, it’s impressive. His delivery is unorthodox, but it kind of is what it is and there’s not going to be any changing him. His development is all going to be repetition and health and maintenance, and that’s fine for who he is.”

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