2021 MLB Draft: Ricky Tiedemann, 91st Overall, Toronto Blue Jays

July 12, 2021

With the 91st overall pick in the 2021 MLB Draft, the Toronto Blue Jays have selected LHP Ricky Tiedemann, who we all saw very recently at the Pre-Draft College Combine.

In addition, Tiedemann appeared for the National Team at the 2019 International Week event at Fenway Park, striking out four of the eight batters he faced.

“Ricky’s got a starter profile,” said Jeremy Booth, CEO and president of the Future Stars Series. “He’s only 18 years old, but it’s going to be a 55 fastball when it’s all said and done, and a 55-60 slider and certainly a six (60) changeup. He’ll be a strikethrower, he’ll get guys to chase out of the zone. The command will probably never be more than average in my opinion, maybe 55, and I don’t want to say never. It’s average-55, but he’s going to get chases, so his control is going to be up. Right now, for me, his ceiling is as a 3 starter, which means he’s probably going to be better than that. Worst case scenario, you’ve got yourself a 4 starter who can transition and eat some innings. The sky is the limit for him development-wise.”

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