2022 MLB Draft: Caden Marcum, 379th Overall, Texas Rangers

July 19, 2022

Caden Marcum, who struck out six batters at the 2021 installment of the New Balance Baseball Future Stars Series’ National Combine, has been selected with the 379th overall pick of the 2022 MLB Draft by the Texas Rangers.

Marcum was dominant at times in his outing, allowing just one hit, and should be a significant asset to the Rangers organization if they’re able to sign him.

PICK ANALYSIS BY JEREMY BOOTH, CEO AND PRESIDENT OF THE NEW BALANCE BASEBALL FUTURE STARS SERIES: Caden Marcum probably doesn’t sign. Just a guess. But, projection, upside, standard P15/Future Stars what we do. Fun to scout. He’ll probably settle in at 92-94 when it’s all said and done. He does have a starter package in there, it’s just whether it’s now or after school.”

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