2022 MLB Draft: Deundre Jones, 519th Overall, Boston Red Sox

July 20, 2022

Deundre Jones, who was one of the standouts of the New Balance Baseball Future Stars Series 2021 National Combine, was just selected by the Boston Red Sox in the 17th round of the 2022 MLB Draft.

Jones impressed scouts and development staff in attendance with hits off of some of the more highly regarded pitching at the event; he smacked a double off of Griffin Stieg and then roped a single off of Riley Stanford later in the event.

PICK ANALYSIS BY JEREMY BOOTH, CEO AND PRESIDENT OF THE NEW BALANCE BASEBALL FUTURE STARS SERIES: We had him in this tournament with the Houston Athletics back in 2019 — might have even been 2018 — and we didn’t even realize it. He was there, he was 14 or 13 at the time and playing up. The Houston Athletics never came back because we didn’t take one of their kids out of there who they wanted to go straight to Fenway, but Deundre’s been around and performed and been here. He’s got some upside with the bat, but he’s going to have to hit. He could be a Daryle Ward comp.

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