2022 MLB Draft: Jacob Miller, 46th Overall, Miami Marlins

July 17, 2022

Jacob Miller, a standout at both the 2020 New Balance Baseball Future Stars Series National Combine and the International Week event later that year, has been selected in the second round of the 2022 MLB Draft with the 46th overall pick by the Miami Marlins.

Miller dazzled at the latter event, striking out six batters in Manchester, NH, having earned the invitation there after showing premium stuff at the National Combine.

PICK ANALYSIS BY JEREMY BOOTH, CEO AND PRESIDENT OF THE NEW BALANCE BASEBALL FUTURE STARS SERIES: Probably the best curveball in the draft. I don’t really care what anybody else has to say about that. Jacob is a very live-bodied kid, and has a high ceiling. He’s been an athlete forever. It’s a good arm. It’s a little bit too velocity-oriented at times, and he falls on his curveball at times, and we’ve talked about his execution. But he went right about where he should. He’s got that type of ceiling. Maybe it’ll take some time polish-wise, but when it clicks, it’ll click and he’s a big leaguer.

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