2023 Future Stars Series Houston Regional Combine Recap

The New Balance Baseball Future Stars Series powered by Program 15 Sports got back on the road for the summer, starting with a trip down south with Regional Combines in Texas with visits to Houston and Dallas, as well as a trip to Perkinston, Mississippi.

Regional Combines are the first large step toward a selection to a FSS Signature event, and the direct path to the National or Underclass Combines. An invitation-only event, players attending will receive a shirt, hat, full MLB-level scouting report, video, data analysis, and on-site player development by the Future Stars Series National staff which includes Major League All-Stars and World Series Winners. This level is a must-attend to advance to Citifield, Fenway Park, Underclass Elite, Underclass Premier or the Fresh 50.

Below, find a graphic featuring the leaderboard from that day’s athletic testing:

10-Yard Dash

Callan Frazier, 1.62
Brian Navarro, 1.65
Conner Cramer, 1.69
Aiden Felker, 1.69
Zephyr Medart, 1.72

40-Yard Dash

Brian Navarro, 4.92
Callan Frazier, 4.97
Aiden Felker, 4.99
Bryce Navarre, 5.05
Robert Hernandez, 5.06

60-Yard Dash

Callan Frazier, 6.95
Brian Navarro, 7.2
Bryce Navarre, 7.2
Alfredo Rodarte,7.2
Aiden Felker, 7.26

Broad Jump

Brian Navarro, 9-2
Aiden Felker, 8-11
Bryce Navarre, 8-9
HR Alexander Emanuel, 8-3
Robert Hernandez, 8-2

Triple Broad Jump

Brian Navarro, 27-2
Cody Johnson, 27-2
Aiden Felker, 27-1
Bryce Navarre, 26-4
Callan Frazier, 26-1

Pro Agility

Robert Hernandez, 4.69
Jackson Reagan, 4.83
Callan Frazier, 4.80
Brian Navarro, 4.9
Alfredo Rodarte, 4.93

Rewatch the full live stream of the event here: YouTube VIDEO

Below, find social media coverage of the event — with more still to come on a variety of FSS platforms — from the event, spotlighting some of the top players and performances of the day.

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