2023 Future Stars Series Main Event player profile: Alex Hernandez

September 26, 2023

Meet your Game 1 starter at Fenway Park.

Things can always change, but it’s Georgia Tech commit Alex Hernandez who’s set to take the ball for the White Team at the upcoming New Balance Baseball Future Stars Series Main Event, set for September 29-October 1.

Hernandez, who is tentatively expected to be opposed by Lance Davis on the Orange Team, earned the honors with a big showing at the National Combine, where he relied on a slider-fastball mix, with the latter crossing the plate at 88-91 miles per hour, to keep hitters off-balance. He showed run and life on that fastball from a three-quarters arm slot to go with a high compete level and aggressive mentality on the mound.

Still very much so a two-way player — he’ll also play some third base this coming weekend — Hernandez says he’s been focusing on both sides of his game since we last saw him at Shelby Park.

“I have been working on all aspects of my game as a two-way player but specifically working on my pitch shape and developing my two-seam fastball,” he said. “I continue to work on my glove skills and fielding cleaner balls. At the plate, we are always working on the mental side and the right approach given the situation. Working out at Rapid has continued to develop my strength and speed. The fall has been a very heavy training period between hitting, pitching, fielding and strength and conditioning.”

A Georgia native, Hernandez was first seen at a Georgia Bombers Scout Day, and has grown from there with the Future Stars Series.

“The first experience I participated in was at LSU after placing at a Regional Combine with the GA Bombers in Alpharetta,” he said. “I went back the next year and had a great time. I have been working and looking forward to getting to play at the Main Event.”

As would anyone in his position, of course. But, for it to be at Fenway…

“Playing at Fenway is a huge dream,” he said “Such an iconic field will be so much fun. I look forward to the experience and having a great time getting more development and having fun playing the games.”

Hernandez is also excited to show what he can do on both sides of the ball, and with as many big-league scouts and execs who have already RSVP’d to attend, he knows it’ll be a big opportunity to show that he’s still serious about moving forward in that direction.

“As a two-way player you always get told you need to pick what you really want to do. Everyone has a different opinion and sees me in different positions,” he said. “At this event I want to show that I can compete with the best around on both sides, hitting/position and pitching.”

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