2023 Future Stars Series Main Event player profile: Connor Shouse

September 22, 2023

Legitimate two-way player.

That, more than anything, is what Connor Shouse can’t wait to set foot on the field at Fenway Park and show the seemingly endless rows of big-league scouts and execs set to attend the upcoming New Balance Baseball Future Stars Series Main Event, set for September 29-October 1.

In an era where it’s becoming more and more trendy for players to try to go the two-way route as long as they can, there are still just as few who can legitimately do it. But, the Georgia Tech commit has shown he’ll have every opportunity to excel on both sides of the ball; he was touching 93 MPH with his fastball at the National Combine, but also earned high marks as a position player from the FSS scouting staff, with the infielder’s strong arm, consistent hard contact and solid plate coverage distinguishing him from some others trying to accomplish the same feat.

“I am not just a pitcher,” Shouse said. “I have just as much potential on the field as a fielder and hitter. I am a legitimate two-way player. I have just as much power as anyone else on the field. I also want to show them that I love the game and will be a good representative of the game.”

Shouse, who was first seen at the Atlanta Regional Combine earlier this year, has quickly established himself as one of the top names to watch in the 2024 grad class with the Future Stars Series, and says it’s been nothing but a “great experience” so far.

“I have had the opportunity to meet other talented players from different areas we don’t play with on our local circuit,” he said. “The local tryout was well run and a lot of good information and feedback was given to me. Nashville was off the charts from the talent on the field to the fireworks.”

Shouse has also been appreciative of some of the instruction he’s received from the vast and experienced FSS development staff, implementing much of what he’s learned in Nashville to continue to show improvements moving forward.

“I have been working on all parts of my game,” he said. “I have really concentrated on getting bigger and stronger. I have focused on the hitting side on not being so pull heavy. The additional weight and training is showing in the games by starting off the fall with four home runs in the first two weekends. Coach Vic has also got me to mature at the plate by learning to be disciplined . On the fielding side, I have been working on getting my glove out front and not letting it get under me. This has allowed me to field cleaner and set up better throws.”

Most exciting of all? He’ll get to show all of that at America’s most beloved ballpark, looking to thrive on the big stage in a legendary setting, with a lofty goal in mind while there…quite literally.

“To take the field in the oldest stadium in the MLB that so many legendary Hall of Famers have played in is just such an honor,” Shouse said. “Playing with some of the games next stars is going to be an all-out experience. I have to say that (hopefully) hitting a home run over The Green Monster has me the most excited.”

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