2023 Future Stars Series Main Event player profile: Trey Craig

September 27, 2023

Another veteran of the New Balance Baseball Future Stars Series has reached the promised land.

Texas A&M commit Trey Craig, who was one of the standouts of the inaugural Underclass Elite event held at UCF back in 2021, has earned his way to the Main Event, set for September 29-October 1.

More specifically, however, that promised land is Fenway Park, an iconic venue that’s got the six-foot-four, 230-pounder excited. Known for his power, he’s also excited for the challenge that the 37-foot, two-inch tall wall in left provides.

“I would love to put one out over the historic Green Monster,” he said. “Just stepping on the field has me excited to be a part of something great, a part of its history and what’s to come in my future.”

First seen at the Dallas Regional Combine back in 2021, Craig has been at a handful of events since, including the Underclass Combine in Lake Charles later that year, as well as a return to Dallas for another Regional Combine this year.

“I’ve been fortunate to attend several Future Stars Events starting my freshman year, my favorite being the Underclass Elite.” he said. “Future Stars events are special to me because the evaluators and coaches don’t just offers critiques and give evaluations, but they really work with you to develop in areas that you need. They also do a great job of promoting us throughout the year. ”

With an impressive overall package of tools and exceptionally agile for his size, Craig says he’s been working on refining his swing this summer, focusing on small things that will make it more repeatable. But, while he’s excited to show what he can do with the bat — with what the FSS scouting staff has called “now strength” — he wants to make sure the big-league scouts and execs in attendance also see that he provides a unique toolset for his size, one that can be a big benefit to their organizations down the road.

“I’m always excited to show off my power, that’s what I’m known for, but I’m also excited to show off my other tools that stand out,” he said. “I’ve run 6.61 and 6.58 60’s this summer. I’m looking forward to showing how my overall athleticism plays in game and in testing.”

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