2023 Future Stars Series Sandlot Scout Day Recap

The New Balance Baseball Future Stars Series powered by Program 15 Sports got back on the road for the summer, piggybacking off some Regional Combines in Texas and Mississippi, to also send the scouting and development staffs to Tulsa, Oklahoma for a Scout Day to visit Sandlot Baseball.

Hosted exclusively for FSS Partner Programs, each player attending a Scout Day event receives a co-branded t-shirt, hat, and full Future Stars Series created scouting report written by a professional scout who has signed MLB players. These reports include the MLB 20-80 scale and a proprietary role prediction model developed by the Future Stars Series from thousands of games and scouted players. This model has been widely accepted by MLB clubs when making draft decisions. This includes many of the recent 33 players drafted or signed in the 2022 draft who have participated in previous New Balance Future Stars Series events.

Players attending their organization’s Scout Day will also be evaluated for selection to attend a New Balance Future Stars Series Underclass or National Combine, allowing them to bypass the normally required Regional Combine as they progress toward a potential invitation to the Fresh 50, Underclass Elite or Main Event signature events. The Main Event is hosted in an MLB stadium such as Fenway Park, the Boston Red Sox home, and Citi Field, home of the New York Mets. This bypass step is only available to players that are part of one of our Partner Programs.

Below, find a graphic featuring the leaderboard from that day’s athletic testing:

10-Yard Dash

Aven Goodlin, 1.39
Madaxon Aunko, 1.6
Colby Whiteman, 1.6
Bodee West, 1.63
Kase Adams, 1.65
Ayden Towers, 1.65

40-Yard Dash

Tycen Armour, 6.84
Caden Allen, 6.89
Aven Goodlin, 6.95
Eddie Fish, 6.95
Cole Campbell, 6.99

60-Yard Dash

Aven Goodlin, 6.87
Cole Campbell, 6.87
Layne Lanphear, 6.9
Weston Thomas, 6.9
Eddie Fish, 6.95

Broad Jump

Caden Allen, 9-0
Cooper Harrel, 8-10
Adam Zheng, 8-10
Tycen Armour, 8-9
Ben Flusche, 8-8

Triple Broad Jump

Ben Flusche, 28-9
Tycen Armour, 28-1
Caden Allen, 28-0
Bodee West, 27-7
Colby Whiteman, 27-3

Pro Agility

Madaxon Aunko, 4.66
Adam Zheng, 4.7
Levi Mathias, 4.71
Cole Campbell, 4.75
Tycen Armour, 4.78
Brady Hamilton, 4.78

Rewatch the full live stream of the event here: YouTube VIDEO

Below, find social media coverage of the event — with more still to come on a variety of FSS platforms — from the event, spotlighting some of the top players and performances of the day.

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