2024 Draft hopefuls impress at HS All-American Game

July 7, 2023

Friday saw 37 of the top high school prospects for the 2024 MLB Draft enter T-Mobile park and compete in the annual High School All-American Game. The 7-inning showcase featured 33 prospects featured on the FSS Plus Top 100 High School Prospects for the 2024 MLB Draft, including every single prospect ranked inside the top ten.

Several prospects stood out for their workouts and in-game performances, but none compared to the impact shown by PJ Morlando, a first baseman and left-handed pitcher from Summerville, South Carolina. Morlando laced a 103 mph rocket single through the left side on a 94 mph fastball from Tegan Kuhns in the second inning, adding two walks later in the game. Nobody impressed quite like Morlando did in batting practice either, launching two pull-side homers into the right-field seats without deploying any leg kick. For his efforts and showing, he was awarded the MLB Develops MVP Award for the event. A loud showing, indeed.

Pitchers feasted during the event striking out 20 hitters and limiting the game to just three total runs scored. In fact, just one ball was hit 270 feet or more on the day. The event is jammed into an already loaded summer schedule for these players, the constant flights and timezone jumps surely taking their toll. Especially if only to be in town for a day or two.

A few players stood out in taking in the event. Poughkeepsie, New York shortstop Owen Paino looked like a professional in batting practice and in-game. He did the little things like practicing a couple bunts and working the ball the other way in his first round. His final few rounds included considerable bat speed, a natural feel for loft and a bat path that kept the barrel through the zone with long extension in front. His ground ball work was smooth with soft hands and a gliding nature on the dirt. Paino, FSS Plus’s no. 7-ranked high schooler in the 2024 class, showed well in games too. He worked a walk off arguably the toughest pitcher of the day in Carson Wiggins, and put the ball in play against Zach Swanson in the first inning, albeit leading to an out.

Wiggins himself may have been the star of the show. A streaky performer thus far this summer, Wiggins has dealt with control and command woes over his last couple tournaments and was looking for a bounce back on Friday. He accomplished that and more, sitting comfortably in the mid-90s, touching 97 and punching out two of the four batters he faced. It was a considerable step forward for Wiggins this early in the cycle.

Arguably the top prospect in the 2024 class, outfielder Konnor Griffin had a strong day at the plate going 1 for 3 with a hard-hit 99 mph ground ball through the left side. He also just about beat out a chopper to the first baseman.

The summer high school baseball showcase cycle is upon us and as the 2023 MLB Draft reaches its end on Tuesday, we’ll turn the page to next year and a fresh crop of supremely talented bluechip players.



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