26-Man Roster Analysis

We're through the first full month of the 2024 season, so let's dive into the Mariners' roster.
When the 2024 season began, my evaluation of the Seattle Mariners was tentative: More upside than any roster under Jerry Dipoto, but more risk than the previous two teams. The results have shown more of the latter than the former.

Luis Castillo, RH
Castillo struggled in his first three outings, allowing four earned runs and 25 total hits in 15.2 innings despite a shiny 18-2 K/BB ratio. It was simply too much plate, particularly with runners on base, and even more specifically with left-handed batters.

Since, however, Castillo has been more consistent with his fastball location, has executed the slider with two strikes, and his changeup has given him some play versus left-handed batters and, voila!, he’s back.



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