Future Stars Series Advisory Board Profile: Keith Law

March 8, 2022

What can’t Keith Law do?

There might not be a member of the New Balance Baseball Future Stars Series advisory board with a more unique background in the game than the Harvard-educated senior baseball writer for The Athletic.

One of the most highly-respected writers in baseball in general, but particularly the prospect space, “K-Law” began his career with Baseball Prospectus in the late 1990’s, with his work ultimately catching the eye of the Toronto Blue Jays front office. They hired him in 2002 as a consultant to the baseball ops department, and he quickly climbed the ladder in their organization, working as a scout and ultimately reaching the title of “Special Assistant to the GM” before accepting a position with ESPN in 2006.

Law emerged as one of the top writers in the game over a nearly decade-and-a-half run at “The Worldwide Leader,” using his unique background and experience in a big league front office to give readers the kind of perspective they rarely were able to get anywhere else.

A twice-published book author — “Smart Baseball: The Story behind the Old Stats That Are Ruining the Game, the New Ones That Are Running It, and the Right Way to Think about Baseball” and “The Inside Game: Bad Calls, Strange Moves, and What Baseball Behavior Teaches Us About Ourselves” have both released in the last five years — Law made the move to The Athletic in 2020, and re-established many of the popular elements of his brand, including the weekly “Keith Law Show” podcast.

Law has frequently been seen at Future Stars Series jewel events to both see upcoming Draft prospects before most others and provide coverage for The Athletic, and was on site at the most recent Main Event in Citi Field, later writing a feature for subscribers that gave detailed looks at some of the top performing players.

“Keith is a renaissance man,” said Future Stars Series president and CEO Jeremy Booth.

“He’s evaluated players and been involved with roster construction through his time in a front office, he’s written books on analytics, he’s a television personality, very credible draft resource, and a writer. He’s been involved in the advancement of the game without forgetting the past methods of subjective analysis and role building and emerged as a balanced evaluator. His vision and innate understanding of deeper insights into players has stood the test of over two decades in the game, and there’s no indication his ability to stay ahead of trends will stop anytime soon.”

Law has numerous Future Stars Series alums in his annual, highly-anticipated preseason Top 100 prospects list; Grayson Rodriguez (2017 International Week) is ranked at No. 14, Zac Veen (2019 National Tournaments, 2019 IW) at No. 23, Tyler Soderstrom (Combine) at No. 35, Daniel Espino (2018 IW) at No. 51, Mick Abel (2017-19 IW, 2017 National Tournaments) at No. 91 and Drew Romo (2019 National Tournaments) at No. 97.

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