Future Stars Series debuts Instructs program

August 27, 2023

Get better. Get seen. Get selected.

The text under the logo for the debuting New Balance Baseball Future Stars Series Instructs program is relatively simple, yet self-explanatory in the mission of what it’s determined to provide. According to president and CEO Jeremy Booth in his tweet that unveiled it all, it’s “designed to give you direct admission to FSS events, player development at the highest level to enhance your value and executed by the FSS staff of Professionals, and the chance to be evaluated year round.”

“And now, I’m personally involved with this on the ground,” Booth continued. “100 percent hands on.”

Registration began at midnight on August 22, and the response has already been overwhelming given the extremely limited enrollment in order to maximize the opportunity provided for each player and family that does enroll.

Instructs serves as a way for players to get high-level training, development, and education from the world’s leading coaches and clinicians. Development does not start and end while participating in our live events. True player development is a year-round and ongoing process. We are committed to changing the amateur baseball world by providing an opportunity for players not only to be seen, scouted, and promoted at events but have access to tools, plans, and follow-up while with their regular programs. This is not in any way to take away from their local development with coaches and trainers; it’s instead to enhance their growth and fast track their development.

What’s included? A four-phase program; in which the setup Fee is $199 with a monthly subscription of $119 per month for 10 months. The payment schedule is provided during registration and the total program length is 12 months.

Phase 1: Get Better – Personalized Development Programs

• 2 Free Events: Fall Selection Tournament and FSS Open ID
• Monthly Virtual Coaching Sessions with options in Hitting, Pitching, and Defense with the FSS
Development Staff (by primary position, pitching, or hitting). 1 session per month.
• Monthly Online Connection with Jeremy Booth or Future Stars Series Staff Member.
• Player Scouting Report Updated – Quarterly
• Access to GamePlan to create a profile, submit videos/data, and communication with the FSS Development.
• Access to Custom Training and Development plan using Pelotero training data and PeloteroAI–HitAi
• Access to Athletes Go Live Subscription with live coverage during Future Stars Series Events
Social media mention by Mike Ashmore in Future Stars Series monthly article
• Optional: Dietary and Nutritional Assessment Plan
• Copy Jeremy Booth’s Book ‘Inside the Mind of a Scout’
• FSS New Balance Tech Tee
• Discounts and Programs with FSS Vendors
• 15% of Future Stars Series Merchandise (online store)

Phase 2: Get Seen – Attend Individual Events

Each player will have the opportunity to impress the college coaches and pro scouts by putting into practice the development plans.
FSS Instruct players are provided the opportunity to participate in 1 Fall Selection Event and 1 Spring Event included with their current membership. Players will then have the chance to be selected in Phase 3.

Phase 3: Get Selected – Advance in the New Balance Future Stars Selection System

Our process is simple for FSS Instructs participants. Attend the Fall Selection Event, Open ID, or other qualified Regional NBFSS Event that is included with membership for the possibility of selection to the National, Underclass, or Caribbean Classic.
Attend the National, Underclass, or Caribbean Classic for selection to The Main Event, Underclass Elite, and Caribbean Classic. Players cannot skip a step in the process. The only way into signature events is to compete and earn your spot each step of the way.
*There are no guarantees of selection beyond the regional selection level for any player*

Parents and players often ask how do I get to the Main Event? These are the steps (1 and 2 are included in FSS Instructs):
1. Participation in FSS Instructs earns your way into the Selection Events (otherwise you would have to be selected from another event by our professional scouting staff and you would not be guaranteed a slot in the regional event)
2. Attend at least 1 Selection Event that is included in the Membership.
3. Get selected to attend either the National, Underclass, or Caribbean Classic.
4. Get selected to attend either The Main Event, Underclass Elite, or Caribbean Classic.

Phase 4: The development in the game comes from the best partners in the game

Players participating in FSS Instructs will receive special pricing on apparel and gear from the partners that support real professional player development.
Each Player will receive a New Balance Future Stars Series Tech Tee and access to gear and technology from New Balance, Marucci, Franklin, and others at reduced prices. *Access to vendors, product assortments, and product pricing will be provided via promotions within the instructs program.

Any questions can be emailed to info@program15.com, but as a reminder, space is now extremely limited after the initial response. Instructions to a welcome Zoom call will be emailed upon successful registration, and some of the aforementioned benefits will be available to players and families immediately.

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