Impact Baseball, Future Stars Series Announce Partnership For 2019 Impact World Series

November 3, 2018

For years, the Impact Baseball 16U and 17U World Series have been some of the most anticipated events in the Carolinas.

Next year, they’ll be even better.

When the 2019 16U event gets underway on June 27 in Raleigh-Durham, NC, it will mark the beginning of a partnership between Impact and the New Balance Baseball Future Stars Series powered by Program 15. That partnership will continue through the prestigious 17U event, which takes place between July 19-22.

“Those are our two best tournaments,” said Impact founder and creator Andy Partin, who also runs the Dirtbags, a new partner program of NBBFSS/P15. “I feel like those are the two every year where a lot of the teams in this area, they circle it on their calendar. The Impact 16U World Series for the Carolinas and in this area, it’s a big deal. 16U and 17U, they’ve been around for a long time. We’ve got great venues, we’ve got great teams over four or five days. It’s a cool atmosphere. I think (NBBFSS/P15 CEO) Jeremy (Booth) and his guys are going to bring a little bit extra to those tournaments.”

Booth and a team of NBBFSS/P15 scouts will attend the events, providing valuable information and reports that come from years of experience that will be used to provide accurate reports to college coaches and other scouts.

With an emphasis on development at these tournaments, as well Partin’s incredible success with the Dirtbags, partnering with Impact was a logical move for Booth.

“The Impact events have done exactly what the name says: Impact the game and the region,” said NBBFSS/P15 CEO Jeremy Booth.

“As we move ahead to help players across the country, working with events with such credibility is always the goal, and the Impact consistently keeps its seat on the highest level.”

Partin started Impact Baseball in 2001 – before he founded the Dirtbags – and has continually been looking for a way to add value to his events while keeping costs down.

“There’s facility fees and all those things that continue to rise, but we try to find ways to still bring a lot of value at a good price for a lot of teams,” he said.

“I think the value and what’s going to be important with having Jeremy and all the scouts coming to these events and actually sitting there and watching the games and sharing what’s happening on the field is just going to help all of those teams, but it’ll help college coaches. Those guys, they need help. They can’t be everywhere. By partnering, this is going to be a cool situation where a lot more is going to happen for these kids. And that’s important to us, getting information out about who’s doing what and trying to get more eyes on these kids. I think Jeremy and his group is going to help us do that at these tournaments.”

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