Comparing key metrics for the top 2024 draft-eligible college bats

May 1, 2024

As we turn the calendar to May, the MLB Draft is in sight. There’s a faint resemblance of its light on the horizon.

The 2024 Draft is shaping up to be intriguing, specifically at the top of the class. Five college bats are vying for position at the top with just a handful of weeks remaining in the college baseball season. It’s safe to assume the vast majority of these guys have less than 20 games remaining. So where do things stand from a metrics standpoint? Where are guys’ strengths and weaknesses and how should teams weigh the pros and cons of each data point?

From this chair, each marker is a component in a much larger evaluation. But if nothing else it’s interesting to see how the Big 5™ stack up.

Also a highly-important distinction? The road likely only gets more difficult; Regionals, Super Regionals, and Omaha tend to bring down numbers as hitters consistently see better pitching. Crews, for example, saw his bat-to-ball numbers fall precipitously in the final few weeks of the 2023 season.

NOTE: Included Dylan Crews and Wyatt Langford as reference points from the 2023 Draft

Overall Contact%

Travis Bazzana85%
Nick Kurtz82%
Wyatt Langford81%
Charlie Condon80%
Jac Caglianone80%
Dylan Crews77%
Braden Montgomery76%

In-Zone Contact%

PLAYERIn-Zone Contact
Jac Caglianone91%
Charlie Condon90%
Nick Kurtz90%
Travis Bazzana89%
Braden Montgomery87%
Wyatt Langford87%
Dylan Crews84%

Out of Zone Contact

PLAYERO-Zone Contact
Travis Bazzana74%
Charlie Condon58%
Wyatt Langford55%
Jac Caglianone53%
Nick Kurtz48%
Dylan Crews42%
Braden Montgomery39%


Travis Bazzana17%
Dylan Crews18%
Nick Kurtz18%
Wyatt Langford20%
Charlie Condon26%
Braden Montgomery27%
Jac Caglianone39%

Exit Velocity

Charlie Condon98 MPH118 MPH
Braden Montgomery98 MPH114 MPH
Dylan Crews96 MPH113 MPH
Wyatt Langford94 MPH114 MPH
Travis Bazzana94 MPH112 MPH
Jac Caglianone93 MPH121 MPH
Nick Kurtz93 MPH114 MPH

Rankings (Link to Full Board)

1. Charlie Condon, OF — Georgia
2. Travis Bazzana, 2B — Oregon State
3. Jac Caglianone, 1B/LHP — Florida
4. Braden Montgomery, RF — Texas A&M
5. Nick Kurtz, 1B — Wake Forest

*Dylan Crews went No. 2 overall last year to the Washington Nationals.
**Wyatt Langford was selected No. 4 overall by the Texas Rangers.

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