Top 100 draft-eligible prospects left in the 2023 College World Series

June 5, 2023

The Super Regionals have arrived in the 2023 NCAA Men’s College World Series and with it comes the 16-best teams in the country. Three weeks from today, a champion will be crowned in Omaha, Nebraska. It’s a loaded field with Wake Forest, Florida, LSU, Virginia, Kentucky, Indiana State, South Carolina, Alabama, Texas, Oregon, Oral Roberts, Southern Miss, Tennessee, TCU, Duke, and Stanford left standing.

For fans of the MLB Draft, there may be no better time to take in college baseball. With each game showcased on a major network, the chance for fans to acquaint themselves with the premium prospects in the country is now. Baseball fans should feel so lucky this season especially as ten players ranked inside our top-50 prospects for the 2023 Draft remain in the Super Regionals. We presently have 23 college players ranked inside our top-50 overall prospects. Close to half of them will play next weekend.

It’s not just quantity either. The headliners are still alive. Outfielder Dylan Crews and right-handed pitcher Paul Skenes hope to lead the LSU Tigers to Omaha. Outfielder Wyatt Langford and right-handed pitcher Hurston Waldrep hope to do the same for the Florida Gators. Right-handed pitcher Rhett Lowder and third baseman Brock Wilken are probably the prohibitive favorite to hoist the trophy in three weeks time. Sprinkle in Virginia catcher Kyle Teel, Tennessee righty Chase Dollander and Stanford infielder Tommy Troy and it’s clearly a who’s who left standing.

With that, here are the top draft-eligible prospects remaining, as well as a draft projection for when they should hear their name called from July 9 through July 11. By our count, as many as 35 of the top-150 picks in the 2023 Draft are still watchable. Sit down, strap in, and get familiar with the best players in the country. We’re just 34 days from the 2023 MLB Draft, and 21 days from crowning a College World Series champion.

Important to note, you’ll see some players listed as “Round 6-10” profiles ranked below some “Day 3” profiles. That’s because teams tend to value pitching a bit more than position players in the latter-half of day two. And we tend to agree with some of that value philosophy in certain cases. For that reason, we projected some arms to go on day two, despite being ranked a tick or two lower than their position player counterparts.


Dylan Crews, OFLSUTop 3
Wyatt Langford, OFFloridaTop 5
Paul Skenes, RHPLSUTop 5
Kyle Teel, CVirginiaTop 10
Chase Dollander, RHPTennesseeTop 10
Tommy Troy, 2BStanford1st Round
Rhett Lowder, RHPWake ForestTop 12
Hurston Waldrep, RHPFlorida1st Round
Brayden Taylor, 3BTCU1st Round
Brock Wilken, 3BWake Forest20-50
Jake Gelof, 3BVirginiaRound 2-3
Grant Taylor, RHPLSURound 2-5
Seth Keener, RHPWake ForestRound 2-4
Tanner Witt, RHPTexasRound 2-4
Brandon Sproat, RHPFloridaRound 2-4
Sean Sullivan, LHPWake ForestRound 2-4
Alex Mooney, SSDukeRound 2-5
Will Sanders, RHPSouth CarolinaRound 2-4
Tre' Morgan, 1BLSURound 2-5
Christian Little, RHPLSURound 2-5
Tanner Hall, RHPSouthern MissRound 2-5
Josh Rivera, SSFloridaRound 2-5
Tommy Hawke, OFWake ForestRound 2-5
Cade Denton, RHPOral RobertsRound 2-5
Lebarron Johnson, RHPTexasRound 2-5
Alberto Rios, OFStanfordRound 3-5
Sabin Ceballos, 3BOregonRound 2-5
Jared Dickey, C/OFTennesseeRound 2-5
Maui Ahuna, SSTennesseeRound 2-5
Ty Floyd, RHPLSURound 3-5
Jordan Thompson, SSLSURound 3-5
Teddy McGraw, RHPWake ForestRound 3-5
Ethan O'Donnell, OFVirginiaRound 3-5
Jack Mahoney, RHPSouth CarolinaRound 3-5
Andrew Lindsey, RHPTennesseeRound 3-5
Jacob Widener, LHPOral RobertsRound 4-6
Adam Boucher, RHPDukeRound 4-8
Grayson Hitt, LHPAlabamaRound 2-5
Braylen Wimmer, SSSouth CarolinaRound 4-8
Cam Brown, RHPTCURound 4-8
Camden Minacci, RHPWake ForestRound 3-5
Quinn Mathews, LHPStanfordRound 4-8
Garret Guillemette, CTexasRound 4-8
Andrew Pinckney, OFAlabamaRound 4-8
Jay Beshears, 2BDukeRound 6-10
Eddie Park, OFStanfordRound 6-10
Slade Wilks, OFSouthern MissRound 6-10
Austin Strickland, RHPKentuckyRound 5-8
Matthew Etzel, OFSouthern MissRound 4-8
Devin Burkes, CKentuckyRound 4-8
Seth Halvorsen, RHPTennesseeRound 4-8
Dylan Campbell, OFTexasRound 4-8
Ryan Bruno, LHPStanfordRound 6-10
Noah Hall, RHPSouth CarolinaRound 5-10
Pierce Bennett, 2BWake ForestRound 6-10
Philip Abner, LHPFloridaRound 6-10
Rikuu Nishida, OFOregonRound 5-10
Aaron Combs, RHPTennesseeRound 6-10
Colby Shade, OFOregonRound 6-10
Justin Storm, LHPSouthern MissRound 4-8
Garrett Edwards, RHPLSURound 4-8
Hunter Furtado, LHPAlabamaRound 5-10
Jace Stoffal, RHPOregonRound 6-10
Garrett Wright, RHPTCURound 6-10
Brayden Jobert, 1B/OFLSUDay 3
Drew Bowser, 3BStanfordDay 3
Ryan Vanderhei, RHPTCURound 5-10
Jim Jarvis, SSAlabamaDay 3
Magdiel Cotto, LHPKentuckyDay 3
Ryan Hagenow, LHPKentuckyDay 3
Carter Graham, 1B/3BStanfordDay 3
Gavin Casas, 1B/OFSouth CarolinaDay 3
Colby Halter, 2BFloridaDay 3
Blake Money, RHPLSURound 6-10
Elijah Nunez, OFTCUDay 3
Adam Cecere, OFWake ForestDay 3
Charlie Hurley, RHPTexasDay 3
Ryan Slater, RHPFloridaRound 6-10
Hunter Hodges, RHPTCURound 6-10
Chris Veach, RHPSouth CarolinaDay 3
James McCoy, 3BKentuckyDay 3
Jonah Cox, OFOral RobertsRound 6-10
James Hicks, RHPSouth CarolinaRound 6-10
Zane Morehouse, RHPTexasRound 6-10
Hayden Travinski, CLSUDay 3
Ricky Williams, RHPSouth CarolinaDay 3
Kyle Booker, OFTennesseeDay 3
Lucas Gordon, LHPTexasDay 3
Kurtis Byrne, CTCUDay 3
Bennett Lee, CWake ForestDay 3
Zane Denton, 3BTennesseeDay 3
Connelly Early, LHPVirginiaRound 6-10
Tre Richardson, 2BTCUDay 3
Niko Mazza, RHPSouthern MissDay 3
Carson Paetow, OFSouthern MissDay 3
Zach Davidson, LHPIndiana StateDay 3
Matt Jachec, RHPIndiana StateDay 3
Antoine Jean, LHPAlabamaDay 3
Mac Guscette, CAlabamaDay 3
Logan Martin, RHPKentuckyDay 3
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