MLB: Top 100 Prospects led by Holliday, Caminero, Chourio, pair of Rangers

February 21, 2024

The 2024 Preseason Top 30 lists are built around the idea of certainty and future Role. Similar to industry projection systems such as Future Value (FV), Overall Future Potential (OFP), and Grade, Role is a way to describe to what degree a player will add value to his organization at peak.

Our scale is a bit more conservative than other grading systems. We take into account recent seasonal performance, proximity to impact, metric/data analysis, and industry conversations to build a case for the most likely outcome for any given player.

It is important to note these Role labels are fluid and can change as a player moves up the developmental ladder. It is not uncommon for a player to change his role projection over even one month. Players jump from a Role 35 to a Role 40 quite quickly.

Things like mechanical adjustments and physical maturation can alter a player’s projection seemingly overnight. Players change. Keep that in mind.

Below is our Role chart used to place future projection on players.

20No organizational value. Non-prospect.
30Organizational value, filler. Likely peaks at Triple-A or below.
35Potential up-and-down, Quad-A prospect. Has some tools. Development necessary to secure prolonged MLB role.
40Back-up at MLB level. No. 5 starter on non-competitive team. Depth.
45Potential starter on contender. Bench player for championship-level team.
50Starter on a championship-level team. Lacks star ceiling. Steady. Potential No. 4 starting pitcher.
55Potential all-star. Some impact. Above average big-league regular. Mid-rotation starter on a contender.
60All-star level player. Impact. Middle-of-the-order bat. No. 2 starter on good team.
70Perennial all-star. Will contend for seasonal awards. Potential MVP/Cy Young upside. No. 1 starting pitcher. Ace.
80Hall of Fame upside. Generational. MVP/Cy Young Favorite some years. Organizational pillar who can carry an entire franchise at times.

You will not find players with a sub-50 Role on our Top 100 Prospect List. You are also unlikely to find any sub-35 Role players on a Top 30 board. Generally, organizations will have at least 30 players with big-league projection.

1Jackson HollidaySS70Baltimore Orioles
2Junior Caminero3B70Tampa Bay Rays
3Jackson ChourioOF70Milwaukee Brewers
4Wyatt LangfordOF60Texas Rangers
5Evan CarterOF60Texas Rangers
6Dylan CrewsOF60Washington Nationals
7Paul SkenesRHP60Pittsburgh Pirates
8Samuel BasalloC60Baltimore Orioles
9Walker JenkinsOF60Minnesota Twins
10Ethan SalasC60San Diego Padres
11James WoodOF60Washington Nationals
12Colson MontgomerySS60Chicago White Sox
13Jackson MerrillSS60San Diego Padres
14Marcelo MayerSS60Boston Red Sox
15Jasson DominguezOF60New York Yankees
16Max ClarkOF60Detroit Tigers
17Andrew PainterRHP60Philadelphia Phillies
18Pete Crow-ArmstrongOF60Chicago Cubs
19Adael AmadorSS60Colorado Rockies
20Kyle HarrisonLHP60San Francisco Giants
21Noble MeyerRHP60Miami Marlins
22Jordan LawlarSS55Arizona Diamondbacks
23Colt Keith2B/3B55Detroit Tigers
24Ricky TiedemannLHP55Toronto Blue Jays
25Cade HortonRHP55Chicago Cubs
26Noelvi Marte3B55Cincinnati Reds
27Colton CowserOF55Baltimore Orioles
28Jackson JobeRHP55Detroit Tigers
29Heston KjerstadOF55Baltimore Orioles
30Carson WilliamsSS55Tampa Bay Rays
31Jett WilliamsSS55New York Mets
32Brooks LeeSS55Minnesota Twins
33Coby Mayo3B55Baltimore Orioles
34Matt Shaw3B55Chicago Cubs
35Chase DeLauterOF55Cleveland Guardians
36Colt EmersonSS55Seattle Mariners
37Jacob MisiorowskiRHP55Milwaukee Brewers
38Roman AnthonyOF55Boston Red Sox
39Spencer JonesOF55New York Yankees
40Max MeyerRHP55Miami Marlins
41Chase DollanderRHP55Colorado Rockies
42Bubba ChandlerRHP55Pittsburgh Pirates
43Mick AbelRHP55Philadelphia Phillies
44Termarr Johnson2B55Pittsburgh Pirates
45Bryce EldridgeOF55San Francisco Giants
46Hurston WaldrepRHP55Atlanta Braves
47Yanquiel FernandezOF55Colorado Rockies
48Cole YoungSS55Seattle Mariners
49Robby SnellingLHP55San Diego Padres
50Noah SchultzLHP55Chicago White Sox
51Dalton RushingC55Los Angeles Dodgers
52Kyle TeelC55Boston Red Sox
53Justin CrawfordOF55Philadelphia Phillies
54Aidan Miller3B55Philadelphia Phillies
55Tekoah RobyRHP55St. Louis Cardinals
56Harry FordC55Seattle Mariners
57Emmanuel RodriguezOF55Minnesota Twins
58Sebastian WalcottSS/3B55Texas Rangers
59Enrique Bradfield Jr.OF55Baltimore Orioles
60Luis MoralesRHP55Oakland Athletics
61Chase HamptonRHP55New York Yankees
62Brayan RocchioSS55Cleveland Guardians
63Ronny Mauricio2B55New York Mets
64Dylan LeskoRHP50San Diego Padres
65Jeferson QueroC50Milwaukee Brewers
66Brady House3B50Washington Nationals
67Xavier Isaac1B50Tampa Bay Rays
68Mason MillerRHP50Oakland Athletics
69Marco LucianoSS50San Francisco Giants
70Owen CaissieOF50Chicago Cubs
71Jacob WilsonSS50Oakland Athletics
72Nolan Schanuel1B50Los Angeles Angels
73Masyn WinnSS50St. Louis Cardinals
74Tyler SoderstromC50Oakland Athletics
75Ceddanne RafaelaOF50Boston Red Sox
76Austin WellsC50New York Yankees
77Shane BazRHP50Tampa Bay Rays
78Drew GilbertOF50New York Mets
79Curtis Mead3B50Tampa Bay Rays
80Brayden Taylor3B50Tampa Bay Rays
81Jordan BeckOF50Colorado Rockies
82Connor PhillipsRHP50Cincinnati Reds
83Drew ThorpeRHP50San Diego Padres
84Kyle Manzardo1B50Cleveland Guardians
85Rhett LowderRHP50Cincinnati Reds
86Gavin StoneRHP50Los Angeles Dodgers
87Everson PereiraOF50New York Yankees
88Josue De PaulaOF50Los Angeles Dodgers
89Sterlin ThompsonOF50Colorado Rockies
90Tyler Black2B50Milwaukee Brewers
91Victor Scott IIOF50St. Louis Cardinals
92Zac VeenOF50Colorado Rockies
93Tommy Troy2B50Arizona Diamondbacks
94Leodalis DeVriesSS50San Diego Padres
95Jacob MeltonOF50Houston Astros
96Felnin CelestenSS50Seattle Mariners
97Henry LalaneLHP50New York Yankees
98Brock Wilken3B50Milwaukee Brewers
99Justin Foscue2B50Texas Rangers
100Blake MitchellC50Kansas City Royals

Wyatt Langford Dylan Crews Paul Skenes Ethan Salas Chase Dollander Jackson Merrill Pete Crow-Armstrong Jordan Lawlar Colt Keith Ricky Tiedemann Brooks Lee

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