NTANGIBLE adds unique ‘clutch performance’ angle to player evaluation, development for Future Stars Series events

In addition to extraordinarily qualified scouts and player development personnel on-site to coordinate and evaluate players, Future Stars Series events also feature the latest and greatest in technology and advanced testing, including Trackman Baseball and Synergy Sports.

Another unique addition has been made with Future Stars Series’ partnership with NTANGIBLE. NTangible has devised a test to determine a player’s ability to perform in the clutch. In other words: How well is a player equipped to handle pressure situations on the field?

“My hope is NTANGIBLE scores are the start of a shift from purely physical skill sets being valued by pro scouts and collegiate coaching staffs,” said founder Dan Connerty, a former college pitcher.

“We’ve all seen or played with players who somehow rise to the occasion in a big situation, and now we can predict it. How much is that knowledge worth in a major decision, and more importantly, can we identify players early and work to develop their physical skill set? This is new territory in the sports landscape, and we’re proud to be partnered with Future Stars to accomplish this.”

NTANGIBLE is trusted by organizations such as Michigan State, Hofstra, and Boston College.

Studies have shown the NTANGIBLE test predicts performance 14 times better than the Wonderlic, which is famous for being used by the NFL for decades.

The ability to measure the clutch abilities of players, particularly at a young age, offers uncommon insight into a player’s present ability and another avenue toward development. When a swing needs work, it gets studied, adjusted, and tested again. When a curveball isn’t fully functional for games, the pitcher works on it in side sessions, changes the grip, etc. The first step is identifying where the swing or pitch is on a functional level before efforts can be made to develop properly.

NTANGIBLE’S test offers a path toward improving a player’s mental fitness and is now provided at all Future Stars Series Regional Combines and signature player events.

Hofstra baseball head coach and 14-year MLB veteran, Frank Catalanotto, on why his program uses NTANGIBLE to help develop their players.

‘Communicate with players differently and more effectively.’

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