Program 15 National Events: What They’re Saying (Chris Pool, Louisiana Knights)

As part of a weekly series of stories leading up to the Program 15 New Balance Future Stars Series upcoming national events in Houston, spoke with Chris Pool, director of baseball operations and tournament logistics for the Louisiana Knights, about being involved.

“Any time we can get our guys an event that is held a wonderful facility and obviously when coaches or professional scouts come out to watch, that’s always a big deal. We preach to our guys non-stop that you never know who’s watching and word spreads quickly. We try to instill in them that attitude of if there’s nobody in the stands, so what. Let’s go play as hard as we can. If they buy into that, when we do get into these big events and especially something like this national event in Houston, these guys are already accustomed to that mentality, and it should all come naturally to them and put them in a place where they have an opportunity to show what they can do.”

Mike Ashmore
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