Program 15 National Events: What They’re Saying (Josh Richter, Trombly Baseball)

As part of a weekly series of stories leading up to the Program 15 New Balance Future Stars Series upcoming national events in Houston, spoke with Josh Richter, right-handed pitcher for Trombly Baseball.

Richter is a 6-foot-3, 200 pounder who is eligible for the 2018 MLB Draft that has yet to commit to a college program despite plenty of interest from major schools.  He’ll be attending both the Program 15 New Balance Future Stars Series 2018 combine in June and was named to the National Team for International Weekend in August, and is looking forward to the opportunity to showcase his skills in front of the top decision makers for many of those programs.

“The one thing I always tell anybody that asks why I haven’t committed here or there yet is mainly because when I do commit somewhere, I want to be 110 percent sure that’s the place I want to go,” Richter said.  “I don’t want to commit somewhere and then think, ‘Oh, I could have gone there.’  I have options right now, but I feel like I should have more options, so I want to go into both Houston tournaments uncommitted so that it gives me more of an option of where I want to go and I’m 110 percent sure I want to go to that school.”

Richter, whose velocity has spiked to 88-91 miles per hour from the mound while working under Steve Trombly’s tutelage, is particularly excited for International Weekend, where he’ll get to show what he can do as one of the top young players in the United States against the top young players from around the world.

“I was super excited about the one this month, especially with hopefully getting to win a tournament and get that exposure along the way,” Richter said.  “But then, I found out I made the national team, and I was so excited.  I didn’t think I’d have a chance until I got out to Houston, but I know (P15/NBFSS CEO) Jeremy Booth really well from the first combine they had at USC, and he said he really liked me.  We keep in touch.  It was a dream come true to look all over Twitter and see what countries we’re going to be playing against.  I always dreamed about doing that.  I’m super excited.”

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