Program 15 Player Profile: Dylan Ohlsen, Abbotsford Cardinals/Sandlot BC

June 19, 2017

The beauty about the upcoming International Weekend that Program 15 and the New Balance Future Stars Series have put together is seeing players from not only all across the country, but all across the world come together for one incredible competition in Texas.

Dylan Ohlsen will be a big part of that, as he’ll be representing the World Team, but the process of getting him there all started with working with Sandlot BC’s Corey Eckstein.  The two got linked up when Ohlsen was about six or seven years old, and have been working together ever since.

“I met up with him when the facility was just getting made, my brother and I did, actually,” Ohlsen, now 17, recalls. “We started working with him when we were younger. (My brother) slowed down, but I kept going with him, and he’s been a great coach ever since I started with him.  I think the travel with Corey has been great for my development. He teaches a lot while we’re playing, and he helps you with making adjustments as the game goes on. It’s really helped me.”

Ohlsen is a six-foot, 200 pound third baseman who is eligible for the 2018 MLB Draft.  Working with Eckstein has helped make him a more well-rounded player, which in turn will make him more appealing to teams down the road.

“I think my fielding has gotten a lot better since I first started. Obviously, my hitting too,” says Ohlsen, who describes himself as an “athletic” third baseman.

“Corey helped me a lot with my hitting when I was younger, and it’s continued to get better over the years. My fielding was all right when I first started, but all the coaches I’ve worked with have really helped me improve it.”

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