PROGRAM 15 and Prospect Wire Announce Partnership To Develop Modern Data Driven Amateur Baseball Scouting System

Program 15 - Prospect Wire

PROGRAM 15, the premiere baseball player development and training system, and Prospect Wire, one of the largest and highly regarded scouting services for high school baseball in America, announce the development of a modern scouting data system covering PROGRAM 15 and New Balance Future Stars Series Events.

When it comes to high school baseball, and high school sports in general, quality information is scattered all over the place. It can cause worthy players to get lost in the shuffle. Prospect Wire President and Founder Matt Bomeisl was one of those players. With no college commitment to play baseball after graduating from high school in 1999, Bomeisl joined a summer travel team. During one tournament, he caught the eye of then-Florida Gators Head Coach Andy Lopez and committed to the University of Florida on the spot.

Fortunately, Bomeisl finally had the opportunity to be seen by someone with a true eye for baseball, even though he had been largely ignored by the showcase scouts.

Unfortunately he is the exception.

The scouting reports and database information generated by today’s amateur baseball showcase events are often the primary conduit to college recruiters and scouts that so many players and their families rely upon for reaching the next level of baseball.

However, most of them have one big and rarely talked about problem. The information is 20 feet wide but only two inches deep filled with glowing scouting reports on the obvious, easy-to-identify prospects; players who recruiters and scouts will be tripping over themselves to get to… with or without a report. Even the most inexperienced level of scout, often found evaluating many of the showcase events today, has a shelf full of reports on players they were right about.

And that’s the big problem. The truly talented players these scouts are wrong about fade away without the opportunity to reach their true potential.

Two recognized leaders in the amatueur baseball scouting world, PROGRAM 15 and Prospect Wire, have stepped forward to evolve the amateur baseball scouting world with a better way.

Bomeisl always dreamed of turning around and helping players in a the way he was helped that summer of 1999. That’s exactly what he did when he started Prospect Wire. Today, as one of the most highly regarded national tournament and event providers, Prospect Wire helps connect players by working and sharing information with colleges and MLB Scouts as they follow players progress through the different levels of baseball.

Bomeisl says, “We have utilized technology across all parts of our events to bring a first class experience to our participants and go above and beyond in the process of providing exposure and coverage to the players.”

PROGRAM 15 Founder, CEO and President of Baseball operations Jeremy Booth has had a diverse baseball career as a pro player, hitting coach, scout and cross-checker for Major League organizations.

Booth explains,”Those were incredibly valuable experiences that provided me with a view that most people involved in this game just don’t have the opportunity to see.

I got to witness the evolution of success for a lot of players, which gave me a unique perspective that changed the way I look at amateur players and their potential. I discovered two very important things. First, that there are a handful of very key variables that have a huge impact on a player’s future in this game that weren’t being measured or even addressed in most player development processes. Second, many of the theories, data points, and evaluation methods being used as blindly accepted predictors of baseball talent are flat out wrong.

What’s troubling to me, and to the future of baseball, is the amount of raw talent that has gone unnoticed. I’ve seen players with tremendous potential neglected or completely ignored in the shadows of guys who happen to fit the current, and in my opinion, often flawed evaluation and prediction methods.”

As the Official Global Grassroots Player Identification and Development Program for New Balance Baseball, PROGRAM 15 is responsible for executing the Future Stars Series Combines and Tournaments, which is a grassroots initiative between the two organizations to elevate the game of baseball by providing amateur players across all economic levels an opportunity to reach their full potential through training, development, and guidance of former MLB players, scouts, and coaches.

The PROGRAM 15 faculty and staff includes former pro scouts, Major League All-Stars and World Series veterans. The passion, drive and ability to evaluate and identify potential high level players who may otherwise go unnoticed by less experienced eyes, have earned PROGRAM 15 the respect of the player evaluation and development world.

Recognizing the staggering odds for an amateur player to reach the Major Leagues, PROGRAM 15 and Prospect Wire have teamed up to to develop a modern data driven scouting system which will provide each player the opportunity to grow and reach a level of achievement matching his highest potential.

While that may not be at the level to secure an MLB contract, it can translate into the opportunity to earn scholarships from Junior College to Division 1 University Baseball programs; something that has been out of reach for many amateur players until now.

PROGRAM 15 and Prospect Wire are committed to provide the very best on field training and development combined with the very best in player evaluation data and exposure.

Future Stars Series Skills, Training & Evaluation Combines include individual PROGRAM 15 Scouting Reports and Developmental Feedback from scouts who have signed Major League players.

For the new data driven scouting system Prospect Wire will capture advanced data using FlightScope analytics and provide social media coverage and videos for the PROGRAM 15 Regional Combines to connect and share player information with colleges and MLB Scouts.

PROGRAM 15 Scouts will also crosscheck and write up scouting reports on players identified by Prospect Wire through their extensive event coverage.

On the scouting system partnership, Bomeisl says, “We are very excited to bring our scouts, social media coverage, and college text alert system to these events. The guys at Program 15 are putting an emphasis on player development which is something that is missing from the event side in amateur baseball.”

The partnership was a logical fit for Booth, who is constantly seeking to work with those who have the integrity and vision of Bomeisl and Prospect Wire, saying, “When you find those people with a commitment to excellence and pride in their work product, those are the ones who you seek to work with and ultimately become a match. Prospect Wire has a track record of excellence and player growth. They truly want to help players and help the game.”

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