Scoutcast, Program 15 Partner Up For 2018 International Week

March 1, 2018

Program 15, as well as the New Balance Baseball Future Stars Series, are proud to announce a partnership between Scoutcast and P15’s upcoming International Week series.

On the heels of a very successful debut event held in Sugar Land, Texas that featured some of the top-draft eligible talent in the country, the unique scouting solution and Program 15 have combined forces to make the series even better.

Scoutcast is a new, state of the art scouting solution that records the video and relevant data from every pitch and every play of a game.  The data is paired with the video, chopped and all plays are turned into clips which is accessible via the Scoutcast web portal for colleges, scouts and players.  Scoutcast is driven by several technologies, spearheaded by Flightscope’s doppler radar system, and also uses Scoutcast’s own proprietary technology to generate a platform of analytics and video within hours of completion.

“The Program 15 International Week is quickly becoming the premier event for high level draft prospects from across the globe,” said Matt Bomeisl, president of Scoutcast. 

“We couldn’t be more excited to get to International Week with Jeremy and his crew and get setup this Fall.  Any time you can have this many draft prospects from various countries in one location, it is going to create a lot of demand in the scouting community.  This partnership makes a ton of sense for the scouting community and for these players to benefit from.”

Scoutcast comes from the founder of Prospect Wire, a well-known and highly-respected national tournament and event provider for amateur baseball that had a big presence at the first event in Sugar Land as well as at the inaugural P15 grad class tournaments.

“Matt and Prospect Wire continues to innovate and create ways to better objectively evaluate players,” said P15 and NBFSS CEO Jeremy Booth. “The creation of Scoutcast allows for constant review away from the naked eye and the ability to log at-bats and innings for players. It is a perfect fit with the objective and subjective evaluation tools we use to complete the player.” 

Taking the partnership to the next level will only help both Program 15 and Scoutcast continue to “change the game.”
“I’m excited to grow the relationship and take another big step forward together,” Booth said. “Matt’s vision complements mine perfectly as we continue to build a complete experience for evaluations and player development. We look forward to working together on a host of team events, combines, and evaluation opportunities this year and beyond, and especially to have them with us at International Week.” 

Prospect Wire and Scoutcast, along with Program 15’s numerous partners, will also appear at the 2018 National Tournaments at the Cy-Fair Sports Complex in Cypress, Texas between June 27 and July 30.  Over the course of five events featuring some of the top talent in the 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 and 2023 grad classes, Prospect Wire and Scoutcast will be there to use their exposure tools, cutting-edge technology, and Flightscope Data to provide an even better experience for the players and teams invited.

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