Top 5 Players of Program 15 2018 Grad Class Tournament Revealed

June 30, 2017

As expected, it was a US Elite heavy list, with Mark Helsel’s stacked program having won the inaugural event. My personal list would likely look a bit different, but P15 VP of Scouting Butch Baccala has a far more well trained eye than I do, and here’s his via his @CABSoldier Twitter account…we certainly agree on number one.

1. Justin Williams 3B Elite
2. Troy LaNeve OF Elite
3. Nic Kent SS Elite
4. Phillip Dull UTL Elite
5. Damon Casetta-Stubbs RHP Showtime

As for me, I was very impressed with CAB’s Alex Williams, who is already committed to Stanford and pitched into the ninth in the semi-final game. It seemed like he got stronger as the game went on.

I also felt like Louisiana Legends outfielder Jeremiah Ceasar made a name for himself with his speed. While some players ran fast times in the 60, and his was no exception, his actual game speed was the best I saw all week.

Mike Ashmore
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