Travers, Eckstein Make Canada Proud With P15 Promotions

October 13, 2017

Big things are happening within Program 15, and they’re not limited to what’s going on in the United States.

Sean Travers was recently named the Director of Player Development, while Corey Eckstein (pictured above) has been announced as the Canadian Regional Director.

“Sean and I only met last year and have become really good friends,” Eckstein said.

“We are always in contact with one another about players and player development. Being able to bounce ideas off each other, offer advice, and disagree at times is what makes our working relationship a good one. I look forward to seeing where he takes the player development side for Program 15 moving forward.”

Player development is Travers’ passion, and he’s already appeared at several P15 camps in his new role, eager to teach.

“My whole theory on player development is that it’s teaching them the fundamentals and let them find themselves,” he said. “I think a lot of people are into over-coaching, and everybody has to do it one way and if they’re not doing it your way, it’s wrong. I just feel like everybody, no matter what their style is, is fundamentally strong and then they practice and practice to find out what their style is and what works for them. People who develop players are really good at working with players and working with their strengths as opposed to trying to change everything.”

Both men were excited to be a part of CEO Jeremy Booth’s vision for the Program 15 New Balance Baseball Future Stars Series, and Booth is excited to have been able to give them new roles.

“Corey Eckstein is a professional baseball guy who can bring it to the community and the players,” Booth said.

“His passion is evident and his ethics are beyond reproach. When he tells me something, I can take it to the bank. That’s hard to find. He’s been able to unify a region that can be difficult to bring together. That in itself shows his leadership and when you have the confidence of guys like Doug Mathieson and Jamie Bodaly, that says a ton. I’m excited to turn over Canada to him.”

Booth echoed similar sentiments about Travers. 

“Sean is focused and has a process in what he does; He’s methodical, visionary, and someone who can marry the two is unique,” he said.

“He’s not afraid of hard work and he can see the field in a way that continues to grow players. His Six-Four Club has been instrumental in teaching infield play and his evaluation skills are up there with some of the best I’ve been around. He’s earned this step and I’m counting on him as a big piece of how we help players and the game.”

Both Eckstein and Travers had a huge presence at P15’s marquee event, International Week, and the success of that three-game series was mentioned by both in how they’ve seen the company grow as they’ve continued to do so themselves within it.

“After seeing how fast the International Series came together, I have no doubt in my mind that JB has surrounded himself with the right people to continuously grow and make an impact globally,” Eckstein said.

“From what I have seen, the combines have evolved and have become more efficient. Players are getting mental training, skills training, and an honest assessment of their abilities over the course of a day. The amount of time his staff is willing to put in on field is the “separator” for me. Usually you see instructors looking for ways to kill time and go home – these guys care.”

“What Jeremy’s done is amazing; pulling together the International Week event in just the first year in that kind of venue with all that talent was incredible,” Travers added.

“It’s a testament to him to see all the quality organizations and people that are getting involved with the NorCal’s and US Elite’s with guys that have played in the big leagues and played professional baseball…they’re coming to the events and meeting the instructors and really enjoying themselves. It’s cool because everybody goes into a tournament to compete, but it’s also a family.

“Greg Blaesing, his group beat my group in the finals of the 16U tournament, but we spent a lot of time talking about things and how to make each other’s organizations better and how to make our players better. And that’s cool, because usually you go to a tournament and somebody beats another team, the last thing you want to do is sit there and talk. It seems like everybody’s real competitive on the field, but off the field everybody just wants to get better, and that’s an environment where everyone’s going to grow and, most importantly, the kids will benefit.”

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