14 Alumni Of Program 15 New Balance Baseball Future Stars Series Selected In 2018 MLB Draft

An incredible 14 alums of the Program 15 New Balance Baseball Future Stars Series were selected in the 2018 MLB Draft over the last three days, including first rounders Grayson Rodriguez (11th overall, Orioles) and Noah Naylor (29th overall, Indians)

Each player participated in the inaugural International Week event in Sugar Land, Texas, while several also participated in the 2018 Grad Class Tournament.

Here’s the complete list, with links to scouting reports from either Butch Baccala or Jeremy Booth, plus video of their time with P15.

11th overall – Grayson Rodriguez, Orioles
29th overall – Noah Naylor, Indians
95th overall – Mateo Gil, Cardinals
175th overall – Yeankarlos Lleras, Orioles
257th overall – Dominic Pipkin, Phillies
328th overall – Damon Casetta-Stubbs, Mariners
351st overall – Sean Guilbe, Padres
529th overall – Alberto Gonzalez, Reds
569th overall – Xavier Valentin, Rangers
880th overall – Mason Ronan, Red Sox
1093rd overall – Jose Gutierrez, Indians
1103rd overall – A.J. Miller, A’s
1132nd overall – Franco Aleman, Braves
1183rd overall – Kaleb Hill, Indians

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