2020 World Combine Preliminary Player Roster Revealed

December 8, 2020

Attached, find an early look at the players who will be attending the New Balance Baseball Future Stars Series powered by Program 15’s World Combine in the Bahamas from December 18-21.  Although there’s plenty of new international talent to see, there are some familiar faces as well, including International Week standouts like Edwin Arroyo, Jackson Clemett, Jessiel Garcia, Kristin Munroe, Evan Sweeting and others from the World Team.

However, there’s also a unique twist in that some American players are attending as well, notably Braden Montgomery and Orlando Pena, who both impressed for the National Team at Fenway this year.

Please use this link for updated team assignments and late additions/subtractions to the attendees list.

Steven Adderley 2020 CF LF International Elite Sports Academy Bahamas
Cristian Alberto 2022 C SS N/A Dominican
2021 RHP RHP Edouard-Montpetit Canada
Edwin Arroyo 2021 SS SS Arecibo Baseball Academy inc. Puerto Rico
Michael Arroyo 2021 3B SS Bonifacio Puerto Rico
Shimonte Bain 2022 C LF I-Elites International Sports Academy Bahamas
Ernie Barr 2022 SS 2B Tabernacle Baptist Christian Academy Bahamas
Yannick Bergeron 2020 C 1B N/A Canada
Evan Bertoia 2022 C RF Nelson High School Canada
Brent Burrows 2020 SS 3B I Elite Bahamas
Jackson Clemett 2021 RF 1B Vauxhall Academy Canada
Peyton Consigli 2021 RHP RF
Saint Francis College Private Prep High School
Zaiden Cox 2023 LF CF Tabernacle Christian Academy Bahamas
Kayden Dean 2020 CF 1B International Elite Sports Academy Bahamas
Chad Delancey 2024 SS 2B I-Elite Sports Academy Bahamas
2021 3B SS Northern Pre-University Ontario Quebec
Adrian Edgecombe 2020 CF SS I Elite/Capstone Academy Bahamas
2022 OF N/A Dominican
Deshaughn Forbes 2022 RF LHP International Elite Academy Bahamas
Jessiel Garcia 2021 CF LF Emadrian Bilingual school Puerto Rico
Raynard Gibson 2024 3B SS Tabernacle Baptist Christian Academy Bahamas
Robert Grant 2024 LF 3B Bishop Michael Eldon High School Bahamas
Raibel Guzman 2022 RF 3B Cenapec Dominican
Matthew Heyl 2023 LHP CF Montverde Academy USA
Cole Leclair 2022 SS 3B Upper Canada College Canada
Victor Loa 2021 LHP RF Los Fresnos High School Mexico
Jose Lopez 2019 C 1B N/A Dominican
Duane Mackey 2021 LF RF International Elite Sports Academy Bahamas
Terriontee Martin 2024 CF RHP Sunland Baptist School Bahamas
Sterry Martin III 2021 CF RF Capstone Academy Bahamas
Cassidy McBride 2020 2B 3B Christ Church school Bahamas
Anson McGorman 2021 RHP RHP Vauxhall Canada
Chad McKenzie 2022 LHP LHP I-Elite Bahamas
McKenzie Jr.
2022 CF RHP I Elite Bahamas
Angel Mejias 2021 RHP RHP Sunshine state elite academy USA
Omar Melendez 2021 LHP RF LCA Guaynabo Puerto Rico Puerto Rico
Jackson Millen 2022 2B SS Appleby college Canada
Janero Miller 2022 CF LHP Capstone Academy Bahamas
2021 CF RHP Madison central USA
Moises Moreno 2022 CF RF Cenapec Dominican
Jason Moss 2022 SS 2B International Elite Sports Academy Bahamas
Kristin Munroe 2022 SS 2B Capstone Academy Bahamas
Cherif Neymour 2021 SS 3B International Elite Sports Academy Bahamas
Giovanny Ortiz 2022 C LF Carlos Beltran Baseball Academy Colombia
Jaden Paradoa 2021 LHP 1B Treasure Coast High School USA
Orlando Pena 2021 3B RF Bonifacio USA
Nicolas Perez 2022 SS 2B Be You Prospect Academy Puerto Rico
Oscar Perez 2025 RHP RF Montverde Academy USA
Louis Pierre 2021 CF RF Madre teresa de calcuta Dominican
Cael Reish 2024 CF RHP Montverde Academy USA
Jaime L. Rios Rivera 2021 2B SS Leadership Christian Academy Quebec
Brandon Russell 2019 RHP RHP I-Elite Bahamas
Eric Rutherford 2021 SS 2B
Archbishop Dennis Oâ??Connor Catholic Secondary
Emmanuel Sanchez 2022 RHP 1B Cenapec Dominican
Hector Osvaldo
Santos 2022 SS 2B Cenapec Dominican
Rivon Saunders 2023 CF RF Capstone academy Bahamas
Kymani Sheperd 2021 RHP RHP I-Elite Bahamas
Toby Simmons 2023 CF LF Lighthouse Christian Academy /Home School Bahamas
Evan Sweeting 2020 RHP CF Heritage Bahamas
Peter Vazquez 2021 SS 2B Leadership Christian Academy Puerto Rico
Raymond Velez 2021 RF RHP Winter springs USA
Sebastian Walcott 2024 SS 3B Queens College Bahamas
2020 RHP LF Montverde Academy Bahamas
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