2022 MLB Draft: Nathaniel Ochoa, 171st Overall, Washington Nationals

New Balancde Baseball Future Stars Series alum Nathaniel Ochoa has been selected by the Washington Nationals in the sixth round of the 2022 MLB Draft, going 171st overall.

Ochoa was a member of the International Team at the 2020 International Week event, and reached base three times, including a big RBI single later in the weekend.


PICK ANALYSIS BY JEREMY BOOTH, CEO AND PRESIDENT OF THE NEW BALANCE BASEBALL FUTURE STARS SERIES: Nathan Ochoa Leyva. Nats, third baseman, has some obvious Troy Glaus physical comparisons at the same stage. Has some power. Don’t know if the hit tool is going to be quite as advanced as that, but if he hits enough, he’s got a chance to be an everyday regular. Can definitely play defense and play short for me long term. You’re buying into the future there.

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