2023 Future Stars Series Main Event player profile: Andrew Prybylla

September 20, 2023

Andrew Prybylla still remembers his first time at Fenway Park.

He says his seats were up in the “nosebleeds,” but that the sights and atmosphere even from up there were incredible.

Soon, he’ll have a view that only a select few have ever earned the opportunity to soak in.

“There’s no way to explain my excitement,” he said.

After an impressive, gutsy showing at the most recent National Combine in Nashville, Prybylla earned an invitation to play at Fenway Park in the New Balance Baseball Future Stars Series Main Event in Boston from September 29-October 1. A two-way player whose future likely lies on the mound, the 2024 grad class standout took the mound twice for the white team, and showed a high-80’s fastball with a curveball and changeup that kept hitters off-balance through the duration of his stay at Shelby Park.

Prybylla has been a staple of FSS events for years, sometimes helping behind the scenes, and has been grateful for the opportunities he’s received this far.

“The Future Stars Series Foundation has been amazing to me, without it and it’s amazing staff I would have missed out on invaluable coaching and exposure that you just can’t get anywhere else,” he said.

The first line in Prybylla’s scouting report reads “small in stature but he has a good arm,” which is nothing new for the California native, who has been at multiple events since 2020. With that in mind, he’s been working hard since leaving Nashville on making some gains.

“I’ve been working hard on strengthening my body and developing consistency, I want to give my best performance,” Prybylla said.

Listed as an RHP/SS on the orange team for the event, Prybylla will likely see opportunities on both sides of the ball, but is eager to show the dozens of scouts and major-league executives in attendance that the work he’s put in over the years has paid off.

“I’m looking to show everyone that I’m a top-tier competitor,” he said. “It’s been a long road of growth and maturity to get here but I am here to attack batters and dominate.”

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