2023 Future Stars Series National Combine Recap

Before the National Combine even got underway at Shelby Park in Nashville, New Balance Baseball Future Stars Series president and CEO, Jeremy Booth, suspected that the upcoming Main Event had the potential to be the best one yet.

Now that the week that determines who advances is over? Not much has changed…and the rosters for September aren’t even set yet.

“Electric event, lots of upside to the guys that we had there,” he said. “Plenty of talent on display. Command, control from guys on the mound; present velocity, future velocity, projection. Starters built from top to bottom, lot of guys with longevity in their future. Lot of power, hittability, guys who could control the strike zone and be productive. They made some decisions very difficult for the guys picking the teams, but more importantly, these were guys that have a long future in this game whether or not they make the Main Event rosters.”

It’s a near impossible task to narrow down a field of nearly 200 of the best amateur players in the country — mostly from the 2024 grad class, with a handful of advanced 2025’s mixed in — but that’s what’s next on the docket to determine who moves on to play at Citi Field from September 22-24.

Although weather provided some unique challenges for yet another week in the Music City, all games were somewhat miraculously still played, and teams also had ample time for various aspects of development in going from station to station with FSS staff, taking on-field BP, infield/outfield and full athletic testing so the scouting staff could prepare proper evaluations, as well as recommendations for who will go to Queens.

Some players who have already made a name for themselves on the amateur circuit — such as Slade Caldwell, Sir Jamison Jones, David Hogg II and others — were in attendance, but there was an exceptional amount of depth and talent on all eight teams, and some players you may not know yet turned in some stellar showings to try to make their name.

The event attracted a significant amount of attention on social media, with some of the content featured below only a very small fraction of what can be seen on the multiple platforms where the FSS has a presence:

There’s still more content on the way, including multiple photo galleries from the event that spotlight the players in attendance.

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