FSS PLUS announces 2024 College Baseball Preseason All-America Teams

January 5, 2024

FSS PLUS has released its Preseason All-America Team for the 2024 NCAA Baseball season. These teams are represented by players and people FSS PLUS believes to be the best combination of pro tools, collegiate production and culture-building character the country has to offer.

The teams include five former Future Stars Series alumni from their prep days: Duke LHP Jonathan Santucci, Texas A&M OF/RHP Braden Montgomery, Tennessee 1B Blake Burke, UC Santa Barbara RHP Matt Ager and Louisiana SS Kyle DeBarge were all participants in various Future Stars events during their high school careers.


  C: Jacob Cozart, NC State
1B: Nick Kurtz, Wake Forest | PODCAST
2B: Travis Bazzana, Oregon State | PODCAST
3B: Tommy White, LSU | PODCAST
SS: JJ Wetherholt, West Virginia | PODCAST
OF: Mike Sirota, Northeastern | PODCAST
OF: Carson Benge, Oklahoma State
OF: Charlie Condon, Georgia | PODCAST
DH: Blake Burke, Tennessee
UT: Seaver King, Wake Forest | PODCAST
SP: Jac Caglianone, Florida | PODCAST
SP: Hagen Smith, Arkansas | PODCAST
SP: Chase Burns, Wake Forest
SP: Brody Brecht, Iowa | PODCAST
SP: Jonathan Santucci, Duke | PODCAST
RP: Gage Ziehl, Miami
RP: Tyson Neighbors, KSU


  C: Caleb Lomavita, California
1B: Ethan Anderson, Virginia
2B: Griff O’Ferrall, Virginia
3B: Cameron Smith, Florida State
SS: Anthony Silva, TCU
OF: Braden Montgomery, Texas A&M | PODCAST
OF: Vance Honeycutt, North Carolina | PODCAST
OF: Dakota Jordan, Mississippi State
DH: Malcolm Moore, Stanford
UT: Davis Diaz, Vanderbilt
SP: Josh Hartle, Wake Forest
SP: Trey Yesavage, East Carolina
SP: Drew Beam, Tennessee
SP: Luke Holman, LSU
SP: Michael Massey, Wake Forest
RP: Nate Dohm, Mississippi State
RP: Justin Loer, LSU


  C: Walker Janek, Sam Houston
1B: Cole Mathis, College of Charleston
2B: Jack Penney, Notre Dame
3B: Carson DeMartini, Virginia Tech
SS: Kyle DeBarge, Louisiana
OF: Rodney Green Jr., California
OF: Will Taylor, Clemson
OF: Will Turner, South Alabama
DH: Derek Bender, Coastal Carolina
UT: Kaelen Culpepper, Kansas State
SP: Ben Hess, Alabama
SP: Thatcher Hurd, LSU
SP: Marcus Morgan, Iowa
SP: Matt Ager, UC Santa Barbara
SP: Fran Oschell III, Duke
RP: Jared Spencer, Indiana State
RP: Darin Horn, Coastal Carolina

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