Future Stars Series Announces Agreement With Music City Classic For 2023 National Tournaments And Events

September 27, 2022

The New Balance Baseball Future Stars Series and Music City Classic have announced an agreement for the upcoming 2023 slate and beyond of National Tournaments and selection combines for individual player events.

New Balance Baseball Future Stars Series National Championships at the Music City Classic combines the best of both worlds — The MCC has become one of the top amateur baseball tournaments in the country, bringing hundreds of college coaches and professional scouts to Nashville each summer en route to becoming one of the cant-miss events on the amateur circuit — and is slated to get underway starting on June 14, 2023. Combining one of the most desired destinations and thriving communities in the United States in Nashville allows the MCC to bring best-in-class tournament operations, excellent venues, and their renowned process to fit with the Future Stars Series professional scouting, major league scouting reports, livestream, and social media reaching over 100 million people to one event.

“The baseball world is changing, and so are we,” said Brian Ryman, MCC Tournament Director.

“We share the same vision…to inspire the baseball community and help youth baseball. While we’ve worked closely for many years, as official partners, we’ll be able to more effectively help one another execute our shared vision and scale our respective businesses. Having the Future Stars Series now in the Music City, we think, takes experience to the next level.”

With this collaboration, Future Stars Series partner programs will have access to this event and will join MCC’s stable of attending organizations in Nashville for a true national championship. Additionally, while players will not be able to qualify for the National and Underclass Combines from the Tournaments, organizations not yet familiar with FSS will be able to experience the series first-hand and have access now to become a partner for 2023.

“Brian Ryman is family,” said Jeremy Booth, president and CEO of Program 15 Sports and the New Balance Baseball Future Stars Series. “I wouldn’t think of doing this with anyone else and he wouldn’t either. It’s just a natural fit of two groups who do different things very well, and a premium location that gives everyone plenty to enjoy. We’re capping this first year at 150 teams each week, but I’m looking ahead and I see the partner orgs and non partner orgs- if any remain after this collaboration that is- having a great experience that benefits players and their families.”

The schedule is set to extend through July 8 and will have two weeks set aside for National Tournaments, three sets of Underclass Combines starting on June 20 and the National Combine (July 3-5) all scheduled to be held in Nashville. Lake Charles, Louisiana, which has hosted those events for the past several years, will remain a partner city of the Future Stars Series for regional combines, regional tournaments, and super regional tournaments. The National and Underclass Combines and games are slated to be played at Lipscomb University and Lipscomb Academy but are subject to change within the city of Nashville.

“This is the start of a really fun time for both us and the MCC family,” Booth said. “We couldn’t be more excited to turn over tournament operations to Brian and bring our signature events selection rounds to the Music City. The clubs are jacked, the schools are jacked, and the opportunity to grow and help families and players in a vertical to success through better competition is what it’s all about. It’s about to be epic. We. Got. Now.”

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