Numerous Main Event Standouts Headline North American Roster For Future Stars Series Caribbean Classic

September 26, 2022

As the focus starts to shift from this weekend in Boston to the big events ahead, a bevy of standouts from the Main Event will be getting another opportunity to show their talents in the very near future.

And they’ll need their passports to do it.

The North American roster for the upcoming inaugural Caribbean Classic — set for October 14-16 at Complejo Deportivo Naranjo in El Naranjo, Dominican Republic — is loaded with numerous players who made huge impressions in Hartford and Boston, and did so playing to a national audience with the games being broadcast on DAZN.

“The vision was always a one of a kind event featuring true US high impact prospects against true Caribbean high impact prospects,” said Future Stars Series president and CEO, Jeremy Booth.

“We started this with international week and MLB had a rule change. While other groups opted to disrespect MLB with their actions, we chose to stay aligned with the governing body and make the adjustment. The result is the World Combine and the Caribbean Classic.

The list includes Collin Priest, who smacked the first-ever over-the-fence homer at a big-league ballpark in the six-year history of the event, Cooper Pratt, who hit one of the two homers in Game 1, recent MLB All-Star Game HS Home Run Derby participant Harrison Bouthillette, two of the pitchers who earned the very prestigious starts of games at the Main Event in Ethan Sutton and Alex Kranzler and standout relievers Cody New and Javier Torres, who both dazzled in their outings in Boston and Hartford, respectively.

This’ll also be one of the first looks on the international stage for Ryan Marton, a big righty who was one of the standouts of the recent Mississauga Tigers Scout Day.

“It’s been an interesting ride to get here with the pandemic, but the team here has once again made history as we push forward to help players and the game as a whole,” Booth said.  “The guys on this list deserve it. They’ve earned it. And it’s gonna be a party while playing excellent championship caliber baseball.”

In a development-focused company, it’s no surprise that the fundamentally-sound players with big, consistent tools are headed to one of the top events; national tournament hero Boston Baro and his consistent hard contact, players like Tre Phelps and David Stanley with their high power ceilings, strong defender behind the dish Walker Barron and impressive athlete Zion Rose will also be headed down to the Dominican, just to name a few.

The complete roster is featured below, with the remaining players from the other three teams, which will be comprised of players with citizenship or strong heritage elsewhere, set to be revealed shortly. Expect to see several players from the Main Event represented there as well.  As an example, top talent like Eric Guevara, David Ballenilla and Raudi Rodriguez are expected to attend.


Antonio Jimenez- 3B

Antonio Morales- 2B/OF

Boston Baro- 2B

Darnell Parker- SS

Cooper Pratt- SS

Tre Phelps- 3B/1B

Harrison Bouthillette- 1B/C

Zion Rose- C

Walker Barron- C

Holden Brauner- RF/LHP

Collin Priest- 1B/OF

Tryston McCladdie- IF

David Stanley- CF/C

Alex Kranzler- RHP

Cody New- LHP

Andrew Elkhill- LHP

Mac Heuer- RHP

Ethan Sutton- RHP

Deegan Cordova- RHP

Harrison Lewis-RHP

Hudson Mattox- RHP/IF

Javier Torres- RHP

Ryan Marton- RHP

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