Colorado Rockies Top 30 Prospect Rankings Update

August 7, 2023

If the colorado Rockies are to climb out of their perpatual struggles — going on five straight non-competitive seasons with just two postseason appearances since 2009 — their work down on the farm will be a big part of it.

There are signs things are starting to come together, and the club added strong talent through the 2023 draft.

1Adael AmadorSS
2Yanquiel FernandezOF
3Chase DollanderRHP
4Zac VeenOF
5Sterlin ThompsonOF
6Jordan BeckOF
7Drew RomoC
8Jordy VargasRHP
9Carson PalmquistLHP
10Gabriel HughesRHP
11Dyan JorgeSS
12Benny MontgomeryOF
13Jackson CoxRHP
14Warming Bernabel3B
15Derek BernardSS
16Sean SullivanLHP
17Hunter GoodmanC
18Jake MaddenRHP
19Cole CarriggC
20Jaden HillRHP
21Cade DentonRHP
22Aaron Schunk3B
23Victor JuarezRHP
24Juan GuerreroOF
25Jeff CriswellRHP
26Joe RockLHP
27Bladimir RestituyoOF
28Robert CalazOF
29Victor VodnikRHP
30Kyle Karros3B
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