NorCal/Game Prep Baseball Academy Scout Day set for December 30

December 12, 2023

Making sure the right people see you.

It’s the name of the game on the amateur side, and one that is as simple as it is complex.

Getting your name out there in general? These days, that’s relatively simple. Making sure the right people are watching? Not so much. At a New Balance Baseball Future Stars Series Scout Day, there’s no doubt players are being seen by the right people, more specifically the Future Stars Series scouting staff and a development staff with decades of professional baseball experience that together help create a report written by an experienced professional scout who has signed MLB players.


These reports include tools grades using the MLB 20-80 scale and a proprietary role prediction model developed by the Future Stars Series from thousands of games and scouted players.

The NorCal and GamePrep Baseball Academy Scout Day, set for December 30 at The Yard in Stockton, Cali. will be a must-attend tevent for players looking to move on to the next levels of Future Stars Series, including the signature events attended by the who’s who in the industry.

NorCal and GamePrep players have a historical footprint in these events, notably Brock Jones (2022 2nd round pick), Glenallen Hill, Jr. (2019 4th round pick), Ryley Leininger (’24), Jared Mettam (’21), Brayden Jaksa (’25), Manny Dorantes (’25), Tommy Troy (2023 1st round pick), Henry Bolte (2022 2nd round pick), and numerous others.

How do I get to a Scout Day? Why should I go? What do I achieve by participating?

In addition to the Scout Day serving as a bypass for the ordinarily-required regional combine for consideration for an invite to the Underclass or National Combines that serve as the direct feeding path to the Fresh 50, Underclass Premier, Underclass Elite and Main Event signature events that are set to be held in elite collegiate or professional ballparks — including major-league stadiums — Scout Days are also offered at a discounted rate in relation to a standard combine.



For more information on Future Stars Series events as well as an up-to-date calendar, click here for the latest information.

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