Future Stars Series Regional Combine schedule revealed for 2024

December 8, 2023

Although the focus remains firmly on the remaining few weeks of the 2023 calendar for the New Balance Baseball Future Stars Series, one of the final pieces of the puzzle is finally in place for 2024.

On Friday afternoon, President and CEO Jeremy Booth revealed a first look at the Regional Combine schedule for the upcoming calendar year, one which will see both reduced costs for the events as well as an increased commitment to a sports science component and true player impact assessment for future role.

But first? 2023.

More specifically, the FSS Invite Only Regional Combine: Alabama / Mississippi, set for Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College in Perkinston, MS on December 9. On the heels of some National Combine and Underclass Combine invites already having been secured from a mid-November Scout Day held at “The Farm” in Oxford that were selected directly by Booth himself, this weekend will also be loaded with talent, which will be evaluated by the FSS scouting staff, led by new scouting director Pat Murphy.

Several Open ID events are also scheduled before the calendar is set to change years; the Future Stars Series East TN/VA Open ID on December 16 at Dukes Baseball Den in Abingdon, TN and separate events in Puerto Rico for both the 2025 and 2027 grad classes, both set for December 20 at the Carlos Beltran Baseball Academy in Florida, PR.

The final event of the year is set to be a big one, with a combined Scout Day for NorCal and GamePrep to be held on December 30 at The Yard in Stockton, California.

Then, and only then can the page finally be turned. And there’s a lot to talk about when it comes to 2024, most of which has already been revealed with the announcements of the Future Stars Series Showdown, Main Event heading to Minute Maid Park and much, much more.

However, Regional Combines are the first large step toward a selection to a FSS Signature event, and the direct path to the National or Underclass Combines. An invitation-only event, players attending will receive a shirt, hat, full MLB-level scouting report, video, data analysis, and on-site player development by the Future Stars Series National staff. This level is a must-attend to advance to Minute Maid Park, Fenway Park, Underclass Elite, Underclass Premier or the Fresh 50.

With a reminder that dates and locations are subject to change, here is a tentative look at the 2024 regional combine calendar, which will become even more of a must-attend than they already were thanks to the new collaboration with Stack Sports that will bring even more cutting-edge technology to these events that both assist the player, but the FSS staff as well in providing the top evaluations in the industry.

1/27: Phoenix
2/3: Mississippi
2/10: North Carolina/South Carolina/Virginia
2/18: Seattle
2/19: Chicago
2/24: Ohio
2/25: Pennsylvania/Wisconsin
3/3: Massachusetts
3/9: Puerto Rico
3/10: Puerto Rico, New Jersey
5/1-5: Kamloops
5/27: Houston
5/27: Louisiana/Alabama Combine
5/28: Dallas
5/28: Atlanta
5/29: Omaha
6/4: Orlando
6/5: Miami
6/6: NorCal Combine
6/8: SoCal Combine
6/11: Nashville

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