PREVIEW: 2022 Future Stars Series Caribbean Classic

October 11, 2022

For the first time since 2020, a signature event is headed to foreign soil.

The New Balance Baseball Future Stars Series is set to embark to the Dominican Republic this week for the inaugural Caribbean Classic, a four-team, tournament-style series of games that will feature one North American club and three clubs comprised of some of the top amateur talent from Mexico, Aruba, Curacao, Colombia, Venezuela and of course the Dominican.

Set to be held over a span of three days at Complejo Deportivo Naranjo in El Naranjo, Dominican Republic, there will be a total of eight games played, in addition to batting practice and athletic testing on Friday, which will be held prior to the two contests set for that day.

Saturday will feature four games — each team will play each other once — to set the schedule for Sunday, which will have a championship and third place game.

The coaching staff and North American roster has already been revealed previously on here, but the three international rosters are now available for the first time as well.  Keeping in mind this is an international event, these are very much so subject to change, but a preliminary look is available below:


Blue 22 Freivy Duran 6/6/07 LHP
Blue 20 Ezequiel Martinez 10/21/06 RHP
Blue 23 Johan Thomas 11/16/06 RHP
Blue 24 Gerinton Mendez 9/4//06 RHP
Blue 21 Carlos Munoz 12/7/06 RHP
Blue 8 Stiveen Rojas 5/8/08 LHP
Blue 17 Branel Gomera 5/22/05 RHP
Blue 27 Jose Enrique 10/3/06 RHP
Blue 18 Julio Gutierrez 3/5/05 RHP
Blue 29 Saul Pascual 9/29/05 RHP
Blue 9 Diego Figueroa 9/8/05 RHP
Blue 28 Edgar Campusano 3/26/04 RHP
Blue 2 Karel Naranjo 6/26/09 SS
Blue 1 Luis Baez 3/10/08 SS
Blue 14 Ezequiel Peña 9/14/06 SS
Blue 3 Heinz Brito 12/13/07 SS
Blue 4 Almen Tolentino 1/12/07 C
Blue 13 Ostin Pache 10/16/06 OF
Blue 6 Jonahell Cuello 11/7/07 CF
Blue 16 Henry Montes 3/28/07 RF
Blue 15 Carlos Pina 10/11/07 CF
Blue 10 Itshel Comenercia 01/08/08 OF
Blue 7 Marconis German 9/9/07 SS
Blue 19 Victor Heredia 10/2/03 RHP
Blue 25 Danell Figueroa 3/8/04 C

Red 9 Marcos Almanzar 02/03/07 RHP
Red 31 Daniel Paniagua 12/5/04 RHP
Red 26 Kendy Jose 9/20/05 RHP
Red 29 Jesus Taylor 12/5/01 RHP
Red 12 Reinol Narakro 10/21/06 LHP
Red 28 Marino Moris 1/15/02 LHP
Red 30 Robert Heredia 9/5/03 RHP
Red 27 Yoandri Gonzalez Collazo 1/1/05 RHP
Red 19 Raylis Vizcaino 10/15/04 RHP
Red 13 Jose Luis Valdez 7/21/06 RHP
Red 25 Juan Carlos Garcia Calderon 9/24/05 RHP
Red 11 Jose Alcantara 5/18/08 RHP
Red 17 Luis Fortuna 1/17/06 SS
Red 10 Warren Calcano 10/17/07 SS
Red 20 Mervin Rodriguez 1/7/06 SS
Red 16 Omar Mejia 9/20/06 SS
Red 23 Carlos Villarroel 6/4/07 C
Red 18 Yermey Rodriguez 8/5/02 C
Red 22 Emmanuel Hernandez 2/8/07 CF
Red 8 Starlin Mieses 3/14/08 OF
Red 14 Reimon Acosta 4/14/07 RF
Red 15 Yostin Peña 10/19/07 RF
Red 24 Marcos Deten 01/05/06 3B
Red 21 Wander DeJesus 11/17/05 LF

Grey 30 Fernando Jose Melo 12/31/99 LHP
Grey 26 Yorlyn Alexander Calderon 2/9/2007 RHP
Grey 25 Alfredo Pie 10/28/03 RHP
Grey 28 Edison Montero 12/23/05 RHP
Grey 31 Charles Young 11/15/00 RHP
Grey 21 Daulin Luis 06/10/06 RHP
Grey 22 Grabier Ortiz 10/06/03 RHP
Grey 23 Jhon Almonte 11/16/06 RHP
Grey 14 Fayon Dumorne 03/04/06 RHP
Grey 12 Yoharlin Contreras 7/13/07 RHP
Grey 11 Ronald De Los Santos 12/16/07 RHP
Grey 10 Darwin Yandel Almanzar 10/23/07 INF
Grey 9 Israel Alfonse 12/02/08 SS
Grey 8 Yairo Padilla 04/06/06 SS
Grey 18 Franklin Retde 5/10/05 SS
Grey 16 Brailyn Cedeno 1/22/06 C
Grey 20 Alexi Quiroz 2/10/08 C
Grey 7 Yeraldo Valerio 11/30/06 OF
Grey 15 Anderson Chacon 9/5/05 CF
Grey 27 Juan Christian Onofre Sanz 3/31/04 RF
Grey 17 Sharlisson De la rosa 11/15/07 CF
Grey 29 Yakoby Martinez 11/09/05 RF
Grey 6 Jordany Martinez 1/15/07 SS
Grey 13 Yariell Almanzar 5/17/06 SS
Grey 24 Aneudy Almonte 8/31/07 LHP


On the heels of a very successful World Combine in the Bahamas that helped produce players currently in major-league organizations like Maicol (Michael) Arroyo, Stephen Adderley, Kristen Munroe and others, it’s clear that the Future Stars Series is very much so looking to another opportunity on the big stage to help identify and develop players on the international level.

“Global initiative,” said Future Stars Series president and CEO Jeremy Booth. “That’s not just some catchphrase or tagline, it’s the truth. We are extremely proud to be the global initiative for New Balance Baseball at the amateur level, and now that the world has opened back up again, we’re able to really make that a reality again. We’ve been to multiple international locations in the past few years — including the Bahamas in 2020 when virtually no one was doing anything like that with where the COVID situation was at at the time — but we’ve been looking forward to this day for a while, where we can have a true signature event and see some of the top talent on the planet. Global. Global initiative. We got now…all over the world.”

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