Program 15 National Events: What They’re Saying (Anthony Granato, GamePrep Baseball Academy)

April 16, 2017

As part of a weekly series of stories leading up to the Program 15 New Balance Future Stars Series upcoming national events in Houston, spoke with the founder of GamePrep Baseball Academy, Anthony Granato, about his program being involved.

“In just talking with (P15/New Balance Future Stars Series CEO) Jeremy (Booth), having a relationship with him and seeing the staff he’s got on board, I have a good feeling about it and I know they’re doing it for the right reasons and in the right way. There is value in these tournaments when you’re trying to bring in the top kids from all around the country and play against each other, and it definitely makes it easier on recruiters rather than having to go to individual spots and try to find guys. For us, I think you want to give them the best everything in our program. We want to give them the showcase opportunities, we want to give them the national exposure, but we also want to make sure they realize that there are programs and it’s not just that. We practice three times a week on the field with individual position coaches and are working with guys on their specific skills and doing drills to help them develop their instincts. They’re constantly looking to improve as a player. They’re playing the game the right way and not like, ‘If I go 4-for-4 and we lose, I look good and I’m going to get a scholarship.’ It’s more learning what drives you as a player and keeping who you are all the time. I think that’s attractive to colleges as well.”

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