Prospect Wire Partners With Program 15 To Provide Scouting Coverage for the New Balance Future Stars Series National Trials in Houston This Summer

Program 15, the premiere baseball player development and training system announced Prospect Wire, the highly regarded online database of accurate, reliable reports on high school baseball players, will provide scouting coverage for the New Balance Future Stars Series National Trials in Houston June 24 through July 12.

When it comes to high school baseball, and high school sports in general, quality information is scattered all over the place. It can cause worthy players to get lost in the shuffle. Prospect Wire President and Founder Matt Bomeisl was one of those players. Still unsigned for baseball after graduating from high school, Bomeisl caught on with a sponsored travel team in 1999 and played in a tournament over the summer in front of then-Florida Gators Head Coach Andy Lopez. Bomeisl committed to Florida on the spot, and has always dreamed of turning around and helping players in a similar fashion to the way he was helped in the summer of 1999.

Prospect Wire is now the highly regarded national tournament and event provider and online database of accurate, reliable reports on for amateur high school baseball players. Prospect Wire helps connect players by working and sharing information with colleges and MLB Scouts as they follow players progress through the different levels of baseball.

Bomeisl says, “We have utilized technology across all parts of our events to bring a first class experience to our participants and go above and beyond in the process of providing exposure and coverage to the players.”

The Future Stars Series is the initiative between New Balance and Program 15 to elevate the game of baseball by providing amateur baseball players across all economic levels an opportunity to reach their full potential through the training, development, and guidance of former MLB players, scouts, and coaches.

Bomeisl and Program 15 / New Balance Future Stars Series CEO and President of Baseball Operations Jeremy Booth were introduced in February by Future Stars Series Northern California Regional Director Rob Bruno of NorCal Baseball.  Bruno felt there was a way the two organizations could complement each other.

In a recent interview with veteran sports writer Mike Ashmore Bomeisl said, “We are very excited to bring our scouts, social media coverage and college text alert system to supplement the event.  The guys at Program 15 are putting an emphasis on player development which is something that is missing from the event side in amateur baseball. Our partnership on this event is to bring that additional element of exposure for the players and participants. The fact that the guys at Program 15 made an effort to do this shows where their priorities are in branching out or doing whatever it takes to make the event in Houston as beneficial as possible for the participants.”

The partnership was a logical fit for Booth, who is constantly seeking to work with those with the integrity and vision that Bomeisl and Prospect Wire have shown.

Booth said, “When you find those people with a commitment to excellence and pride in their work product, those are the ones who you seek to work with and ultimately become a match.  Prospect Wire has a track record of excellence and player growth. They truly want to help players and help the game. I am extremely excited that they will be at our events and look forward to this summer and beyond.”

The Future Stars Series National Trials will be held in Houston, Tx with the following schedule by age group.

Class of 2018 – June 24th-28th

Class of 2019 – July 1st – 5th

Class of 2020 – July 8th-12th

Each player will be evaluated for an opportunity to be selected as a member of the National Team to play in the New Balance Baseball Future Stars Series International Weekend held in August.

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